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May I ask a foolish question?

rebecca cao


I just register today ,and don't familiar with some functions,would someone kindly to tell me how to add friend .I click the word find friend and the person,but there is no one in my friend list,should the person agree that i can add her/him?I want to make friends with you and improve my english.thank you!!!

05:07 AM Dec 01 2007 |

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I notice that you now have a friend in your list so you have probably worked it out.

If not what you have to do is click on the Add to Friends link in the profile of the person you wish to become your friend and wait until they approve you.


06:50 AM Dec 01 2007 |

rebecca cao


thank you labrooy,now i know it ,i think we can make friends here ,right?


07:17 AM Dec 01 2007 |



Hi Rebecca, i m also new in this forum, i m male from karachi and working in a pharma company as "Assistant Manager". i hope you will find me a good and caring friend. please reply.

07:51 AM Dec 01 2007 |

rebecca cao


hi lonelyfeb,i have send my reply to you,hope you  can add me as your friend,i think we can become good friend.

12:24 AM Dec 02 2007 |