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ways of agreeing/disagreeing



Hello there!

How are you guys doing? I hope you are all doing great.

My name is Jonny and I'm a non-native English teacher here in Bolivia, heart of South America.

This is the third time I post a letter here. This time I would like to know if you guys can tell me where I can find exercises about confirming/disagreeing. e.g. That's right; of course; of course not; I agree; I disagree;and more.

I've tried some ESL/EFL sites, but I haven't found anything. If you know something, please replied to me. I'll really appreciate your help. By the way, if you're looking for a real friend, let me tell you that you've found one.

See you next time!


Best Wishes

Jonny Algarañaz 

10:36 PM Jul 12 2006 |

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Hi dear teacher! I'm doing great and you ? I'm Anas from morocco I'm 17 years old.I learnt english 2 years ago just by myself without getting any help from a teacher or someone else and I know I've done a great job hihiihih . I'm now looking for what you asked for just wait I'll let you know as soon as I finish

and I'll be glad to add you as a friend and a teacher lol

bye bye take care

04:26 PM Jul 18 2006 |



Dear friend

I read your message. I don't know how to thank you for the interest that you showed in my question about ways of agreeing/disagreeing. I hope you can find something. It's for my students.

I'm very amazed at the way you learned English; without any help. You're a brave man. By the way, yuor English is very good. How about your pronunciation?

Well, I'll be expecting your reply. Bye for now.


Jonny Algarañaz

11:07 PM Jul 18 2006 |




Dear friend!

I guess I found something useful http://autoenglish.en.wanadoo.es/gr.sodo.i.htm

I hope I helped you

thanks and take care bye bye for now.


02:59 PM Jul 19 2006 |



United States

concur is a pretty popular one  it means agree

12:59 PM Jul 22 2006 |



Hello Janiss

Thank you for your help. Well, let me tell you that it's the first time that I hear the word concur. I had never heard it before. Where did you learn it? at school?

Can you tell me how and in what situations I can use it?

Bye for now



12:33 AM Jul 23 2006 |