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A Joke (so funy) ............

fiona dai

fiona dai


Farmer Joe was in his cart when he was hit by a truck. he decided to take the trucking company to count. in court the trucking company's lawer was questing Farmer Joe,"didn't u say, at the sence of the accident, i'm fine".

"well, i had just loaded my favorite mule bessie into the…......"

"i didn't ask for any details," the lawer stopped him,"just answer the question, did u not say, at the scence of the accident,"i'm fine"?

farmer joe said ,"well, i had just got bessie into the cart and i was driving down the road….." the lawyer stopped him again and said,"judge, i'm trying to make clear the fact that ,at the scence of the accident ,this man told the highway patrolman on the scence that he was just fine now, several weeks after the accedent he is trying to cover the fact. i belive he is telling lies, please tell him to simply answer the question.

by this time. the judge was fairly interested in famer joe's answer and said to the lawer,"i'd like to hear waht he has to say about his favorite mule bessie."

joe thank the judge and went on,"well,as i was saying i had loaded bessia, my favorite mule, into the cart and was dricing her down the highway when this huge truck ran into one sign and pushed my cart right in the side, i was thrown into one side and the bessie into the other."

"i was hurt so badly that i didn't want to move. however, i could hear old bessie breathing loudly and groaning. shortly after the accident a highway patrolman came on here to the sence. he could hear bessie groaning so he went over to her.after he looked at the her. he took out his gun and shoot her between the eyes, then the patrolman came across the road whit his gun in his hand and looked at me. he said" your mule was in such bad shape i had to shoot her . how are you feeling?"

12:57 PM Dec 12 2007 |

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Hehehe not bad joke what do you think about jokes with chuk norris.Chuk Norris doesn"t shave; he kicks himself in the face:) Try to go to Galina_9 profile of my frend she loves jokes:)oww and happy christmas

02:07 AM Dec 20 2007 |