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Life Talk!

We cannot live without judgeing...




We used to think to judge people by their appearance is very bad. But,  have we got  enough time to get to know all this people in depth? I think no. We have to judge food before eating, clothes before buying… We're judgeing all time! Maybe is easier to assessing wrong and make a mistake than engaging to be sure what given person is?

07:05 PM Aug 04 2006 |

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Hello Bjoosta !!

Yes ,I think we tend to judge easly , fastly …so  we are constantly making mistakes.

I do it . This tendency is a bad habit. You are right , sometimes we don't have much time to get to know well a person … 

We must learn to take time before making any negative comment , we will be very surprised then !!! 

Maybe , one of the problems are the stereotypes  ...


Greetings from Spain Laughing



07:26 PM Aug 05 2006 |




judge is ok but bad mouth others is not….and what's worse is to motor mouth …........

01:22 PM Aug 10 2006 |




what we seen,what we heard,always make us many ideas.that's ok,but what we think is just one side of ~~ 

01:59 AM Aug 20 2006 |



this is what psychologist Gerd Gigerenze and associates called fast and frugal heuristic, judging from your gut feeling is ecologically valid or efficient most of the time…people develop these heuristic or decision related short cuts through the LONG history of human evolution. 

well, most of the time it's good, but it may backfire sometimes… 

07:03 AM Sep 17 2006 |



Viet Nam

judgeing is a part of feeling and base on experiences that we got .i think

10:34 AM Sep 19 2006 |