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My Mother




Tomorrow, I will be on my way home, and will see my mother who has been living in rural area from the time she was born. Although I have not seen my mother for a long time, her appearance is very clear in my mind. Hard working of many years has made her look older than the real age. And lack of money made her have to spend every coin carefully. But even in the hardest situation, in my memory, she never complained the live. There was always a sentence in her mouth: happiness is nothing but safety of the family. True, whenever I left home to other place, my mother never forgot to say to me that when a boy was out of family, the most important thing is safety. Maybe in her heart, there is nothing but me and my big brother. We are the world for her.

Now my brother has graduated from a famous university and worked as an editor in a broadcasting station. Next year, I will graduate from university. I think my mother is proud of the achievement I and my brother has made. I know every improvement I got is lined with my mother's effort in past years.

I have a dream that after my graduation, when I can earn money by myself, I will buy some new beautiful clothes for my mother. I have a dream that when I have a house someday, I can bring my mother to the city, making her spend her old age happily with us in the city. In a word, my mother is my lovely mother, and in the following years, I will do my best to let her have a happy life. Truly, it is my dream from my heart, and I will study hard and work hard for achieving my dream.

08:29 AM Dec 26 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

Wonderful You must be excited to see your mother

01:32 PM Apr 03 2011 |