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Do You Think You Are a Professional?



Hi Everybody,

Which if you work, i mean taking work so seriously and considering future risks and potentials? and by my words i don't mean "workaholics" i mean ambitious men and women who know that they can acheive anything but not while sitting on their butts dreaming of it
but by giving it all they have got and still have a very nice and sociable life!

i say that such issue is very important to be discussed for those who may be interested to assess their own selves before others do and the moment they realize what happened they're laid off!

I think i am a Professional cause of the following reasons:
1. Had enough education.
2. Had certificates that would support the view of a professional.
3. Had a job in a huge firm that enhanced my skills and made me a better person.

those are few resons of what makes me THINK that i am a Pro!

What might be your reasons to think you are a pro? let's answer together and maybe we'd pass each other hints that would make us even more professional.

01:55 PM Dec 31 2007 |