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Life Talk!

left the woman you love and marry the woman you didn't love.




   any opinion….....

02:51 PM Jan 03 2008 |

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Well jb u didn't write the reason with your question…If u write,I'll give u a satisfied answer.

11:27 AM Jan 04 2008 |

Didi Ahmed

Didi Ahmed


I think he talkes about some coincidence of life in the event a person who loved a girl and married a girl from the other ,but that always occurs only if  you marred your relationship with the girl that you loved and often occurs in communities secretive

11:56 AM Jan 04 2008 |



to be single is a good thing some times.

11:04 AM Jan 07 2008 |




yeah, i agree with the upper opinion, to be single is a wonderful thing sometimes.

12:52 PM Jan 07 2008 |

belle laide


i think u'll go through hell of a time if you marry someone you don't love. Love is vital in a relationship, marriage for this matter.

03:29 PM Jan 07 2008 |



Ibmorite,you seems to be very clever… you want to keep sweets in both hands..the woman you love is already with you ,you have understanding with her so no need of marriage.. but to have another you want to marry with another… what a great idea you have….Surprised

05:01 PM Jan 09 2008 |




What if the woman you love is not the choice of each member of your family?...Instead they prepare some woman to be marry which you don't love at all.

It is difficult to decide which one you stake….it is a matter of your family and your love…Family which always looking for your goodness, always there in times of problems and troubles…..on the other side your Love that makes you happy.

11:28 PM Jan 09 2008 |




I don’t know, we don’t have it in our culture – to be made to marry someone you don’t love. But parents can sometimes advice you against a certain marriage. And it’s funny how they often happen to be right. Is it because they see things that you don’t? Can’t say.
But in my case, nobody stopped me, they just warned me. And even though my man and dad turned out to be best friends, he just proved to be an asshole just like my dad had predicted.Sometimes parents just know better. I’m happy I’ve somehow corrected that mistake and have quite a healthier relationship now. But I wish I had followed my old man’s advice.

07:05 AM Jan 25 2008 |


Turks and Caicos Islands

actually it's not impossible to marry with a woman that you don't love.love's not everything!you will get used to her…maybe you will fall in love with her then because of her honor or behaviors etc.  everything is possible in life and love don't forget it!

02:22 PM Jan 25 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Great! then you'll lose them both…

10:45 AM Jan 26 2008 |