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Life Talk!

Torture Chamber -- The Game Version!



Hi Everybody,

This is a game that i find very interesting and will make you explor your friends in a fantastic way!

The game is simple, i will pick someone (as i started this) who is my friend and everyboy and anybody can ask FIVE questions only.

The Rules:
1. The person selected will stay in the room for three (3) days.
2. Anyone can ask the person in the virtual chamber FIVE (5) questions 
3. He/She must answer the FIVE questions.
4. The asker can't ask the same person twice.
5. The asker can't ask about private information (eg. credit card No., home address, phone No. ... etc)
5. After the three (3) days are gone the person selected in the chamber will select the next person to be tortured!

That will be all.

And now the person to be in the Torture Chamber is zz-katee
Those are my Five questions to her:

1. How many siblings do you have?
2. Did you go horse backriding before?
3. What's the moment that made you love life like never before?
4. Who's the No.1 Person that you get back to when you need an advice?
5. What do you think would lift you up when you feel down?

You're good to go now Kate

10:44 AM Jan 07 2008 |