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Studies in UK





I have a few question about studies in UK. First of all is it worth to study in UK? I want to ask this because i heard that british education is brilliant, is it right? But main thing- if i finish studying in UK. Does it give any plus to get a job there(or somewhere else, where english language is established) or it is as same as finish studies in main country like , my motherland, Lithuania?

Okay, few more questions…Just straight to the point: How much money cost living in UK? It is very hard to get a "student"  job to earn money? And how good i need to be to get a stipend?

I know it's many questions here, but still i hope you will answer a few or give links to websites where i can read about it =]  

08:15 PM Jan 07 2008 |

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United Kingdom

Hi there…...

You are absolutely right about value of Studies in UK. It is approved that after getting any certification or diploma from UK it will add your value in job market.

The hardest part is to get in University or College. If you do not visa to come for studies in UK, than your life should be such a honey here..:)

As EEA student you are able to get even student loan from UK government  

02:56 PM Aug 27 2012 |