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Life Talk!

lover or parents?

helly he


In china,most young people's marriage should ask for their parents.one of my friend know a nice boy and want to marry him,but her parents donnot agree ,and they said she must choose between lover and parents.

what about ur idea? if u are the girl

03:28 AM Jan 09 2008 |

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United Kingdom

it's terrific!

I know that to certain time, parents should care about us and tell us what to do and what not to do. but if we are adult persons and know what is good for us and what isn't. we should rely on ourselves.

parents cannot tell you with who you should share your life.

12:32 PM Jan 09 2008 |




It depends upon the situation.It is something which is subjective..Not all parents know the good things that should   be done by their children and not all children know the good things they ought to do.

In other words, just do whatever  is best for you..You could choose either of the two..just have a  rational mind in choosing.

Sometimes, you don't have to choose if both parties have mutual understanding.That's the best thing of all.




01:57 PM Jan 09 2008 |



It happens in India too.. Parents are very selfish..

05:14 PM Jan 09 2008 |



is the boy not rich enough to give the parents' daughter a reliable life uh? or are there any other aspects that can not reassure her parents? in many asian countries that has become sort of common knowledge as far as i know.Frown

tell ur friend go for the boy! leave her parents behind.  the way is long and dark, but there IS a exit leading to brightness. Tongue out i'm kidding, drop it.

05:34 PM Jan 09 2008 |