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Life Talk!

what 's the things you dislike it and you like it?




I like peace and I dislike war.

and you?

11:25 AM Jan 15 2008 |

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Russian Federation

I like summer, dislike hard frost

12:09 PM Jan 15 2008 |



you  like it the same  as  me   .  I like summer  .

12:42 PM Jan 15 2008 |



Viet Nam

I like bread,biscuit n milkEmbarassed,hate seafood, bcozz im allgeric to it

12:54 PM Jan 15 2008 |




I like the colour blue, summer and autumn, the ocean, real friendship, debates Innocent, the mountains, big cities, almost every food except for meat (I just eat fish and boiled seafood, because I'm allergic to raw seafood :( hahaha)

and i dislike colour "bright pink", the beginning of spring (you don't know what to wear and end up carrying a lot of jackets and sweaters D: ), hipocrecy, close minded people, little towns (good to visit but I'd die living in one xD), people who get angry when debating (they make ME angry and I'm usually a relaxed girl xD)


That'd be it :P

03:00 PM Jan 15 2008 |




I like summer and the sea, I like swimming, I LOVE animals (any kinds), I like NY and the colour black

I dislike liars (hate them), cruelty, and people who doesn't respect the others

03:54 PM Jan 15 2008 |



Viet Nam

scientists discovered this one: "almost boys like blue, green colours while almost girls like pink colour!! i'm a girl but i dislike pink colour. i like blue and green. thus, i like wearing blue clothes, using green things for example, books, notebooks, bags, glasses, blankets, pillows….

i like surfing Internet everyday for chatting, looking for the information. i'm always afraid that i will be backward because not updating information. so i have an own convention that is take an hour per day for reading newspaper on Internet. however i dislike playing games online. it waste a lot of time, money and not good for my eyes

i like autum, winter and spring. it bring to me a romantic emotion. on the contrary, i dont lke summer. it's hot and uncomfortable. moreover i'm easy to get sick in this season


03:56 PM Jan 15 2008 |