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InnocentWhat do you think about the visiting of Bush to Doubai and KSA?

12:06 PM Jan 15 2008 |

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Bush attempts to lure them into believing that they are standing together against their mutual threat, and he will prevent them,epecially they are right near Iran.

and incidentally as he did so bring back with him some good that we never know,or we all might know.

will putin ever sometime get there and go like this: hello! King Abdullah,how's going? and how's your army of children doing? oh,well, i mean how much oil have you left to me this time?Sealed

05:13 PM Jan 15 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

Guys.. We already know that the main objective is to keep Iran under pressure (impossibleSmile)  but there are some minor reasons behind this visit like

·         UAE  has some problems  with the congress after P&O (Dubai bought some of the important ports from the US government in the states  but the congress rejected this project and refused to handle the biggest ports to an Arabian country!!!!?), so Bush would like to keep the relationships between the two countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·         Don’t forget that the Iranian president was in the Gulf Area before one month  …so  Bush wants to say “ yeah.. I am also here”.

08:10 PM Jan 15 2008 |