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Life Talk!

We don't have soul....




One question haunts me very much.. Look at every human,every one belongs to some religion & see our general life,we miss the religions practically… A few people from every religion talks high of their religion… feels that his religion is super ..but when I ask about religiousness in our practical life ,skips the question or just say that there are good mans & bad mans in every religion.. who is respossible for it…? why we don't have peaceful life.. why there are so many wars.. which religion teaches us war.. ?

I feel nobody has the religion by his choice.. religion is imposed on everyone… nobody worries to ask the new born do you want some religion..? Which religion you want to join.. & we should wait till the child to get mature to answer the question but we stamp the child before maturity & feeds in his mind that you are this or that.. It is not question of one religion.. It happens in every religion.. just to increase the quantity …the strength..the number …

Religions are the Peaks… What is said in all religion are the peaks of truth as experiebce by the founders of the religions.. every one who comes to this life starts from ZERO..We don't put a child to university directly.. we teach him step by step.. but about religion we just put the child to a very high peak without knoing the interest of the child.

We give high respects (just by words not practical)to our religions,we create hypocrites.. everyone is existential first he follows the natural phenomenons but when he hears condemnation from preachers …every one hides his originality.. & becomes hypocrite.. this is what our general population is…

& a few statrt suppressing their inner ,original & natural feelings & becomes hard to life  & foollow one beleief or other..& become strong egoistic & false religious.

& there are very few who really grow to realise the soul.. Original & existential religiousness comes only after realising the common source of life.. The pessons who realise the source of life stops fighting upon the names .. They really know that names are empty.. & original is only one.. & such people are in every so called religion .. but they never belong to names of religions..

Why I talk so much about sex... The taste of sex is just because it is existential, we can't mix something in it.it's pure. for a while we get connected to our source of life directly but we have lost the beauty of sex also by condemning it so much that we have lost this original dimenssion also..It is the eternal way to merge into the existenesial source.

05:57 PM Jan 15 2008 |

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i absolutely agree with everything you said. nobody imposed me a religion (even though my mother is a believer (in god, not in religions), she also believes in freedom of choice.), that's why sometimes it's hard for me to understand people who need a religion, and not personal values, to consider themselves "good".. religion isn't the only influence in the world. There are also social influences like wars, the kind of parents you have/had, if you were loved or not, if you have education or not, what kind of people you've met in your life.. there are several things influencing us every day, because we cannot avoid being in contact with society, fortunately or unfortunately. We cannot avoid being in contact with nature (god?), either. If we do, we become unhappy and even agressive. Somehow, religion is in the middle of those two big influences in our life, telling us to repress our nature to be able to live as a society. We can see right now how some religions, or fights against religions, have destroyed a part of our world… Is it worth it, then? Maybe it's time to have direct contact with nature/god/whatever, now than people have more education and already know why there is a society, why it shouldn't be destroyed (or why you have to just leave peacefully if you don't like it..). People have LEARNT to want something, so much that many don't know what they REALLY want. There is always a factor, if it's not religion, it's what your parents taught you, what your school taught you, the way you relate with other people.. All those things make us who we are in part, then we can't say that we're free because we don't have a religion (talking about believers and non-believers). There is always a factor that keeps us from being what we'd be if we were born in the forest amongst animals. But what worries me is that Religion is one of the few factors that can break humanity apart. Because most religions tell you not to kill, not to hurt, but still people can kill and hurt for the sake of their gods, because "that's what god would want".. I don't say all religious people are like that, but they are not few. We can see this through history and yes, the end of the world hasn't come because of it but now I think that there's a big world war coming, and the two big forces will be western and eastern society models.. It will be a war of both religion and power/money. Religion in this case is a big excuse to avoid communication. Can't you see it coming?


ok i don't mean to be apocalyptic. maybe we won't even be here when it happens, maybe it's closer to present than we think it to be but still.. religion has become an excuse to avoid communication and understanding amongst all human beings.

11:32 PM Jan 15 2008 |



Dear Shadoww,

Both religion & politics are hand & glove with each other to exploit the people. Rhey know the art ..the psyche of the public,they help each other..both are inter dependent … they survive together..

Yes, preacher class of every religion is also dependent upon the public,so they try their best to interpret the scriture as they desired & keeep the public away from the truth…& people's greed to have more  & more & to live more & more … helps them to exploit.worship is like bargaining with the God , if we shall worship we shall be blessed with heaven,otherwise we shall burn in hell.People want consolations which are supplied by the preacher classs… & people get satisfied just with that.. & they forget their origin also.

The people who talks are the real existential people…although they look bad because of our conditioning of condemnation… they are the people who don't care about preachers views.. they represent the original existence… they should be respected..they are such just because of the religious people… they are searching the right path but there is nobody to help them…to guide them..

05:01 PM Jan 16 2008 |



Dear Komodia,You are exactly right,all depends upon our conditionings which we receive through the life we pass,we gather dust of the path..our parametres are made of that way through which we passs..

Actually religion is the most useless phenomenon if we are are attached with existence & flowing with the natural esteem.Unfortunately we don't remain coonected with the existence & we are taught not beleive in our self that's why religion comes in..


05:40 PM Jan 17 2008 |



Respected Minora2006,

You are true,all beleivers of the all religion feels so.. It's not natural ,he is taught so,it's problem of ego,we are never taught to doubt & search the truth on behalf of our self,so what parrot can do.. He knows only those words which are taught to him.It kills all intellect of the human.

What religions say is not right for everyone… these are the peaks.. It is like answers given with the questions.. so we learn nothing.. every thing is readymade.. we have just to put it in our mind that's all.It's like poem which a child sings .. without experiencing the meanings.

while following a religion we become hypocrites we show that we are more  religious & real religious ,but we don't see inside of us ..

I have experienced myself..I joined some spiritual group where meditation was taught.. it was a big group.. & iI also joined the group of people who uses to maitain the spiritual gatherings.& I was directing traffic of people. I was standing in pure white uniform & calling ladies as sisters… but what was going on within me. it was known to me only. & i was honest to admit..it was not happening within me alone but it was happeninng in all the males but they were suppressing it & showing that they are beyond sex.. I decided to be practical,I decided to be one from both inner or outer,what I become doesn't matter but oneness was decided.. We suppress our real that's what hypcracy is… 

You are true in saying that each person can't be perfect.. so we should take care while initiating the people in religion.. only those people should be admitted to religion who are interested in growth … why make all sinners..

When sex is existential why we need privacy to talk.. what is bad in it..while thinking about sex is it not bad…just imagining about sex.. ALL MALES DISCHARGE DURING DREAMS , it's a hard factbut we don't admit it .If we are sick & every body is sick then should we not discuss.. Is the sickness real or it's the way of existence..we have to recognise the facts.

About which religion should I join… we are talking here due to that question..

06:11 PM Jan 17 2008 |



Russian Federation

Dear friends, dear Devindernagpal,
The first thing i wanna say (after all the things i've said on that) is you forget about those who come to religion  being mature and not being influenced by anyome or anything. They realise the essense of God on thier own, and they follow Him. I tell this because i know such people. I tell this because i came to realisation of His grace and might on my own. I wasn't really taught anything of the kind. And that is much stronger, you will agree with that.
The second thing is i do believe in soul. I don't think my reasons will be interested to anyone who does not believe. I also want to say that all that is smth very subtle, and ppl who have never felt that will never understand why we believe. It is useless to try even maybe…

08:06 PM Jan 22 2008 |