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Are you afraid to speak english?



Well, that's what I always ask to my friends who always tell me not to speak to them in English… They only answer me with a smirk and the like and when I asked them why they just smile… There's nothing wrong in speaking English, besides, it will help you improve your language skills. NOW, tell me, are you afraid to speak English? Why or why not?Smile

02:13 PM Jan 29 2008 |

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im just study english , and there i no have a chance to speek english with others. if i have i blieve that i can speek very well.  hahhahha

09:17 PM Feb 09 2008 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Hello yas I am afraid to  speak english but i want to speaking and learing here , please help me to learn english >>>>>>>>

10:12 PM Feb 09 2008 |




I always enjoy the feeling of speaking in English,but i am very afraid to communicate with others in English.You know,it's diffcult for the first man to eat crab.

03:48 PM Feb 10 2008 |




I'm a Chinese girl, in my work hours  there's no chance to speak English. I'm not afraid to speak English though I can speak very well.

Also, I'm not afraid if I make mistake when I speak English, Because my friends can point for me, then, I can be right next time.

Anther reason is I like English and speak English very much though I do it not well.

At last I should tell you who are afraid about to speak Enlish, BELIEVER YOURSELF, YOU CAN DO IT VERY WELL.

11:20 AM Feb 22 2008 |



yes, I have experienced the feeling, and untill now, I am still affraid to open my mouth. You know, what I am afraid most are did I pronounce words correctly, and did I make any mistakes in grammer, and did they understand what I said….

the feeling is terrible.

maybe I care most is I am afraid someone say me splurging my english skill…

so each time when I met guys who are speaking english fluently, I really respect to them. please don't hesitate to open you mouth, speak english loudly

02:45 PM Feb 22 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

i was not able to speak english with comfort in school and collage .

 shy and fear were the reasons behaind that .

 now i am better some how

but it is always easier to write what you want than to say what you want face by face


04:00 PM Feb 22 2008 |