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Life Talk!

Do you really love your partner....?




Marriage is the the most important part of our life .

& feelings towards our partner varies from soul mate to enemical,sometimes divorce & all that..

What are real factors which can make our life' heaven'

I want to discuss all that sincerely… How can we improve our life in the real  sense.. 

How can we live without contradicitons… is it possible..?

03:50 AM Feb 03 2008 |

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04:47 PM Feb 03 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

For marriage, I think Love is important but what is the most important are respect and merci… What do you think?


09:37 PM Feb 03 2008 |




as the time goes by..love in marriage is also like that.. as SHadow said..there is not passion, wild, sensation, and shiver in your heart when U look at your partner. But is it make U feeling that Love really left U? I think not at all. 'COz love only changes or metamorphosis to be something new, look likes friend or close friend.

I don't think it 'big problem', 'coz  as 'a friend' U can more share and tell anything without afraid whether he/she will be angry or not, when U talk something bad about him/her. Imagine, when the past time, maybe U must be careful with your speech! U dont wanna hurt your partner. There is so many pretense in your life!.

But after marriage, anything is so easier..we are free to talk each other. Free to express your way, free to be your self. All those, it will not make lost your respect to your partner, or lose your love. It just will make your life so dynamic  and full color. That is a real life and not fantasy!! 

06:32 AM Feb 04 2008 |




Love is the most important thing of course as Ms.Hanan said it should be a respect and loyalty with lots of value.

12:12 PM Feb 04 2008 |