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How to solve the petty crimes committed by young people?




How to solve the petty crimes committed by young people?

For example, street violence and stealing.

can you give some solution?

02:08 PM Feb 11 2008 |

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hi sherry,
young people who are idle usually commit crimes. They are influenced by their unhealthy environment, bad companions and broken home.  To solve this, these people need to have beneficial activities, such as, taking language classes, participating in sports, doing community work or helping their parents in their free time. Parents should also pay attention to them and find out what their children do outside, who their children mingle with and what kind of places they visit.
It is a wise parent who realizes that the best thing to spend on children is not money but time.

04:58 PM Feb 11 2008 |




Oh! Too much trouble to be fullfilled.

Just give them another brand-new chance to start over.

An easy way——kill them all.


a joking.

12:40 PM Feb 12 2008 |



ye…I agree with chakra. We can find most  young commits are those who lost mother or father ,or was brought up by their grandparents! They cound't get normal enducation like other children who owe a happy family!In china,there is a saying:everyone you can make rich,but except child!

04:21 PM Feb 12 2008 |