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Life Talk!

HOW do u think about your life?



 when the first time i heared this song <beautiful son>,i  only wanted to write it down for my practise of english. But, iam surprised at  what the author told to his son who is just born several days. i think i have understood the song ,however,i suspect that i really understand what the father want to told his son and i doubt that whether i have really understood why the father said -/life is what happens to u,when u are always busy with other plans/?

 maybe the father only wanted to told his son what the life is he think .but,what the life is ? it's also a big question for everyone

05:25 AM Sep 30 2006 |

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United Arab Emirates

Life itself is a set of proceses that are carried out by an organism causing it to survive.

so u got the answer,


01:13 PM Oct 06 2006 |



yeah ,it seemed that life is not easy for everyone .but I suspect  that everyone has his or her own way to make the life colorful and live happy/

10:14 AM Oct 07 2006 |