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Life Talk!

i am new here ! help me!thank you


Christmas Island

i am new here

i like english very much

looking for your help

thank you very much









02:40 AM Feb 16 2008 |

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Hello! well it's very simple really, the only thing you have to do is to post your opinion in as many forums as you like (most of the topics are really good), or visit the chat rooms and people will talk to you if you're too shy to start a conversation.  Then you start receiving lots of mail and friendship invitations, so welcome and enjoyWink.


02:51 AM Feb 16 2008 |


Christmas Island

thank you reply

i will try my best to do what you had told me

i am sure i will improve my english if i really do something

thank you

best wishes!

03:25 AM Feb 16 2008 |