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what do you think of???




"Out of sight out of mind", we all know this proverb, but it is really true? in other way, can we fall in love with someone that we never seen? for exempl someone that we talk with via the net, he is just friend at the begining, after our relation will take another way, cloose friend then lover, is that kind of realtion exist? especially if the 2 people are not from the same country, I know some people how are married through the net, and they still living together, so what can we say about that?

waitting for your opinons!!


12:20 AM Feb 19 2008 |

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didi da'great


ermm..fall in love with someone we never seen?? i do believe that relationship do exist. but how far the relationship can go is depend to both couples. one of them must sacrifice especially when they come from different countries..or may be both! learn a new culture and adapt in a new environment is hard sometimes when we getting married and hope for a longlasting relationship.

it's not a mistake to fall in love with someone but be ready for the consequences…for me better not to hope 100%

05:53 AM Feb 19 2008 |




ohh yess!! thx I like your opinion!!

11:09 AM Feb 19 2008 |




didi da'great… I completely agree with you! I think is exciting to falling in love with someone that we never seen and we are afraid that probably you will meet him/her never! The more important thing is say always the truth…

02:40 PM Feb 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

I think it is the most difficult way to form a relationship b\c people when they are together they lies on each other in some cases so, what about those who had never seen each other just posting things to communicate (stony way).Then and most importantly is if they are from different countries, culture and background if we just think about the future consquences and suffering every one wants to keep his own traditions or else one of them should sacrifice. so i believe it is existence and it work in some cases as we have seen but for me i don't like it.

07:43 PM Feb 19 2008 |



the net is not the good place to be in love relationship maybe friends, it's my opinion.

12:24 PM Feb 21 2008 |