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Life Talk!

what's your goal in this life? why do you live ?


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I want to know just one thing which's for what do we live ? It's easy question but difficult to answer.

I hope everybody answers honestly Wink

12:36 AM Oct 07 2006 |

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It's just my parents faultLaughing

my goal in this life is to be satisfied for my self it haven't matter  if i success or failed in something , the importat to me  that i have done my best  and preparing for my death by the spiritual aspect to have a perfect satisfaction

03:11 PM Sep 06 2007 |



i think we are live to worship god and to fuliful our dreams in the right way

11:27 PM Sep 06 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

One of my important aims's to do something which helps the world .For example ,Thomas Edison has invented a light bulb ,he was more responsible than any one else for creating the modern world,but I feel that I am not strong enough to do what he did,I'll try my best .Maybe one day,  I invent something helps you to reach to other planets like Mars,the sun and others ..Tongue out

06:50 AM Sep 07 2007 |

kika fly

kika fly



 for the moment , my goal in this life is :

to live day by day

 to live happy

to find peace in my self

 to know more GOD 

 and to be : first good for my self and after that  to  the other ,

because i beleive that when i am good for my self, i will be good for  the other

may be it seems that i am  selfish but for this stage of my life that what i can give

it.  InnocentInnocentInnocent


11:32 AM Mar 09 2008 |



United States

  1. fulfil my dreams of becoming a priest someday
  2. get my masters
  3. adopt 2 or so children coz am aint gonna get married
  4. to devote my life entirely to serving the almightly father above
  5. and hey to getta see my lil willy wibby sister grow up and graduate too…she's my life

so i guess thats it

07:48 PM Sep 25 2008 |




"I think among different religions of the world,only christianity makes sense( of course, that is my opinion)."

i think u don't know any thing about Islam ,coz if u know islam well , u'll not say such sentence and of course u 'll find the answer for this question of the topic easly…...

02:16 PM Dec 25 2008 |



I want to have my futher study abroad someday. That is my dreams in my childhood.

02:53 PM Dec 25 2008 |

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

to worship my Creator Allah

05:43 PM Jan 01 2009 |



 well Imaazh  you can start now with me! I'm not aproad of you! even i'm very VERY disapointed!




05:45 PM Jan 01 2009 |