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Life Talk!

what's your goal in this life? why do you live ?


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I want to know just one thing which's for what do we live ? It's easy question but difficult to answer.

I hope everybody answers honestly Wink

12:36 AM Oct 07 2006 |

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ask Imaazh  :D

be careful

he's a Fake person.

Better watch out

(this is the voice from the experience)

05:53 PM Jan 01 2009 |



you better dreaming

with all your bad grades you'll be the best of the worsts xD

06:02 PM Jan 01 2009 |


United States

what's your goal in this life? why do you live ?


To follow my childhood dreams, and desires :) simple as that.

01:45 AM Jan 02 2009 |




i want to open an orphan house in india, i want my country progress n it can only be possible when youth of d country are educated, heathy …...an all dt.

n i want to do its wihtout any help, i live for dis dream.

08:25 AM Jan 02 2009 |