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Life Talk!

.._**WHO AM I**_...

Black pearl


 have u ever asked ur self ,why did the god creat us?
i realy need the answer.
thanx Wink

01:38 PM Feb 28 2008 |

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Black pearl


thanx for ur answer Smile

01:56 PM Feb 28 2008 |




Don't think about such things…why we would have any aims in our life…just enjoy your life and … i don't know…make love…hehe… 


I always wonder about the meaning of life…but i don't know…ask yourself if a life whithout any aim…isn't more attractive?...So what's about it?

Only fullfil your own dreams…(in my case is to have many girlfriend…hehe) 

04:12 PM Feb 28 2008 |




Yeah, I asked myself that several times but still haven't found the answer or maybe it just seemed unclear to me. Things happen for a reason for sure… Anyway, just live your life and make the most out of it. :D

05:05 PM Feb 28 2008 |