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Life Talk!

Have u ever felt regretable?Have u ever wanted to say apology?Have u ever?



Viet Nam

In our life, we couldnot help making mistakes, not only one, maybe 10, 20 but the importance is that u realize it and repair it. Me too, many mistakes so i need to say apology. Not for my family, Not for my parents, my close friends. I want to say apology to a blind friend who i dont know name, and maybe he dont know me too …... i just want to apologize for my bad behavior in that day….......... what a volunteer did to a blind person , just stood there and watched…....when he had to go, to find his way in darkness…......... too bad…............................................

Maybe he can not see this, never he can but i just feel so regretable and hope he 'll accept my apology.


10:31 AM Mar 02 2008 |

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Confess that you were wrong yesterday and it will show that you are wise today. Apologizing is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is a courageous thing to do. Get rid of your ego and apologize. You will find yourself light and free of guilt.

04:39 PM Mar 03 2008 |



Viet Nam

It is too early to regret…It is too late to apology…

hehehehe TL….               ^


                                      from aha

06:13 PM Mar 03 2008 |




i think…anything i say now is much too late :(

03:19 PM Mar 04 2008 |