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Life Talk!

Love is Love



you know what is love I tell you just in view lines then you
write me your comments…..
Love is Life and Love is Forever
Love is Reality and Love is Mirror
Love is Friendship and Love is Promise
Love is Success and Love is Sacrifice
Love is Worship and Love is Pray

08:45 AM Mar 03 2008 |

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it is my first time to visit this website.

and at the first sight of this topic, i clicked in.

actually i didn't have too much comment about love as i lack of the experience to love and to be loved.

i live independently, i can take care of myself.

It seems that i can live without love.

But, i would say, without love, your life is blank.

finally i get the conclusion, love is sharing, love is connecting. 

09:33 AM Mar 03 2008 |




Love is when you find in the crowd one beloved smile and favourite eyes,

when both of you are keeping silence but at the same time you understand each other,when you feel the rhythm of the knocking of your love's heart,when such wonderful feeling is all around you ..

06:13 PM Mar 03 2008 |



Viet Nam

Love is Life and Love is Forever….Nothing is forever..so..Love is not absolutely Love.


Love is Reality and Love is Mirror….Reality is only seen when the Mirror is clean..so..Love is not absolutely Love.


Love is Friendship and Love is Promise….Friendship is a Promise spoken by the heart, is not given by plege, nor written on paper..so..Love is not absolutely Love.


Love is Success and Love is Sarcrifice….Sweat plus Sacrifice equals Success..so..Love is not absolutely Love


*Love is Worship and Love is Pray….Worship is offering to God, Prayer is demanding from God..so..Love is not absolutely Love.

THe last conclusion: LOVE IS NOT LOVE.lol


06:47 PM Mar 03 2008 |



when you love right person for yourself who is appripriate, then love is just besties and besties…....all good things..

but when you are in love alone or wasnt loved carefully to who you loving…

i dont know, how men fall in love why they?

01:20 PM Mar 05 2008 |



love is love its true

but so difficout for find love


06:06 AM Mar 07 2008 |





Definitely to loveEmbarassed

07:02 AM Mar 07 2008 |




Love is pefect if the life fact can be neglected. And, you can never neglect life fact.

07:11 AM Mar 07 2008 |

love smile


If I have find my Mr right ,I will love him with my all life . I want a Mr right not a Mr best. If ture love is coming life will be more beautiful. If ture love is coming ,age is not the problem.

07:47 AM Mar 07 2008 |



Viet Nam

You think that Love is not Love.
Because you don't know love. Just fall in love then say love is not love. Love is everything, love is everywhere, love is life, and love is worship. You know did not understand, What was I want to explain by my lines. You just think it that, love can be between boys and girls or man and woman. You are absolutely wrong.
Love is life, why because it give happy to your body to your soul. When ever you see smiling those people to whom you love alot. Such as your father, mother, sister, brother, You will understand that love is life.
Love is worship, when you fall in love you heart learn to love. you start to believe on God. You think that God also love you. Becasue you have heart who can love with someone.
Love is forever, you know you will die your whole body will be decayed just your soul will remail after death and Love with your soul will remain forever.
ok understand what i want to explain. Take Care  and remember Love is Love

08:52 PM Mar 08 2008 |



love is air.

09:06 PM Mar 08 2008 |