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Life Talk!

What will you do?



North Korea

Spinoza, the great Dutch philosopher, once said, "Even if the world comes to the end tomorrow, I will plant an apple tree today."

What about you? What will you do if the world comes to the end tomorrow?


02:41 AM Mar 04 2008 |

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I think that i will just to back home with my family and waiting for the end-day together.

because the family is most important in my life. if you agree my idea please give a encouraging feedback.

04:39 AM Mar 04 2008 |




just make the day colorful and meaningful as usual.

06:02 AM Mar 04 2008 |



well..i think theres nothing to do better than strengthen the relation with GOD …coz ur leaving where nothing will be useful except things u 've done to obey the one who created u since he has all the powers to make u sad or happy in the next life..

10:32 AM Mar 05 2008 |