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Life Talk!

Should we learn sex.....




As we come to this world we are taught to live life according to the choice of our parents… We learn a b c  of language,we are taught how to eat,how to clean our face…. how to brush our teeth…. We are taught every small action of life…. except  sex & marriage  which are major dimensions of our life.. we do not get practical knowldge of it & we are left in the society with hans tied,legs tied,mouth tied & even eyes tied by the religions… we live miserable life…Because our existential life demands different & we are supplied different… We feel that we know about sex too much & there is nothing learn …

As we are not animals,we have develloped every dimension of our life,like living in homes,way of our diet & every part of our life has changed.. but we have left sex out of it…rather we are taught to supress it..which makes us miserable..

I feel that evryone should learn  the'art of sex' & 'art of living married life' so as to eliminate miseries of life…

Every yougster should learn the art of sex from a matuerd teacher of oppositte sex practically…

I am talking such out of my experience,I have lived miserable life…I remained un touched before marriage & I got married at the age of 24 & lived 21 years of so called pure married miserable life…. I was unable to enjoy sex not more than two minutes..& I got discharged… & having cotineous suppressing my bilogical & mental desire & I was feeling 'SINNER'inside….

At the age of 42 I came in contact of an Indian mystic OSHO.... It took 10 years to remove my old conditiongs… I came in contact with another female friend who was also in the same situations… & both of us explored different dimensions.. She is also married & we would have met just for 25 times in our life & our last meeting in sex was for six hours… & both of us got quenched our thirst…

I feel that there might be other such people… I wish to  support them.

02:59 AM Mar 04 2008 |

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jaafar ali


unlike your last statement ,believe me my dear that religions -especially Islam – do want people to be happy.

In the contrary, Islam wanted to organise the life of people as it should be, based on their spititual and material needs.

 like any other institutions or organisations, there should be some kind of laws and rules to be respected in order to give each one his right without any violence or attack.

sex is one among people needs that needs as well to be organised and so on.


05:16 AM Mar 06 2008 |




As sex is concerned man has also developed in this context . Man is no more animal .He knows the way to have sex , if some one says he doesn't know then i think he is animal in crowed of human beings. Every religion has told the better ways of having sex and one should follow according to his beliefs .

If you are not satisfied , Read Islamic rules . you'll get your answer.

10:36 AM Mar 06 2008 |



Dear Hasan,

What is good sex nobody had defined,Asyou call it a natural process.. and people can do do upto their  ability…. your language shows that you are a layman..as natural as animal( sorry for using animal words..it's just an expression)it speaks in terms of power… it is not such…it is not just to prick & blows… it is faar deep.. sex is to merge in the partner ... it is to merge in  love, merge in partner ,it is not a war… one can even trace our roots in existence…. if someone don't have it is very easy in these days ..one can maintain his body as he likes… even in western countiers sex has been understood as a mechanical & power..so they have invented different sex toys in order to torture each other…it is not creative sex.. it is like a war to fought with the partner….

By the way what is good sex…?

02:41 AM Mar 07 2008 |



Dear catarepretty,

Yes wait untill your marriage… you ave right to keep yourself virgin… & then become just a mechanical tool to man… as taught by religions… but don't enjoy… don't merge in love… don't try to learn what is to be shared in love & sex.. it is not just pricking ….?

02:59 AM Mar 07 2008 |



Dear Jaafar Ali,

I don't agree with you.. woman has been kept behind  curtains in islam,islam don't allow woman to intermingle with man… it tries it's best to keep them separate… had it been possible religion would have tried to cover the face of woman during sex… but that's not possible because how the man will recognise that it is the same woman whom he married…

In some islamic trditions there had been an tradition to cut the collittus( the sensitive part of vgina which enables woman to experience orgasim in sex) so as not allow woman to enjoy sex.. woman has been used to entertain man only, that's why their is prostitution in the whole world.. woman has bee abastained from enjoyment in sex in love..

So sex has become a mechanical force to act upon…

03:13 AM Mar 07 2008 |

jaafar ali


My Dear Devin..

Good day and  let me admire you as you are fighting at the same time at different borders.. Talking about woman right in Islam is a long story and because I am not expert in english so I feel my self not in a position to fight and prove the facts as it should be.. although my knowledge in this repect is good.  Anyway I appreciate your advsg me your private Email in order  to send you as attachement some useful and interesting information about the subject.. I am sure that you have the right to ask any question but be sure – and I am sure as well- that your positive curiosity will lead you to reach the right objectives you are seeking of..and I am sure you will change your mind when you will discover the real facts of Islam as a religion not as many afollowers -especially nowadays.

Thandk you for yoru kind intereest

05:54 AM Mar 07 2008 |

jaafar ali


Good for you My Dear Knaobi.

I am here by supporting your position and feel well what you are feeling..


08:13 AM Mar 07 2008 |



Well yeah..its good if you knew something about sex..it helps us reach that peak of happiness that was given in our body. There is nothing wrong with that…as what others said its an art…but..isn't it bad if its too much? I mean too much of everything is bad. Its just like too much eating food makes you fat or heavy…too much sleepless nights make you sick.

12:13 PM Mar 07 2008 |

jaafar ali


My Dear Sweet

I think you refered to my previous intervention.
I also second and support your point of view that is talking about  taking and exercising all thing in a moderate way.that is wonderful and safe life for each one of us.

Do you have something to add??

12:51 PM Mar 07 2008 |




If basis of marriage is trust,faith,love then it is a heaven… no more heaven could be desired than that… but if we desire to have heaven after marriage… that means we are livung in a hell…

In general sex becomes mechanical after marriage.. & love is replaced with responssibility which kills the taste of marriage…

to keep the love alive we need to go deep in sex … In general what happens that during four persons involve in sex… two in bed & two in minds… which deterioates the whole love…

If we learn to merge in each other…we learn to merge in ourself.. & our ego is lost for a few moments.. & we feel refresh ready to share the whole life…

Sincerely I wish that we should not become hypocrite & cheat ourself… what ever comes in our mind we should be able to share with our partner..

I am not kidding here I wish to share all that I have understood from life & make my friends more matured persons than their age so as to dive deep in the life & enjoy the life fullest.

02:47 AM Mar 08 2008 |