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Life Talk!

Should we learn sex.....




As we come to this world we are taught to live life according to the choice of our parents… We learn a b c  of language,we are taught how to eat,how to clean our face…. how to brush our teeth…. We are taught every small action of life…. except  sex & marriage  which are major dimensions of our life.. we do not get practical knowldge of it & we are left in the society with hans tied,legs tied,mouth tied & even eyes tied by the religions… we live miserable life…Because our existential life demands different & we are supplied different… We feel that we know about sex too much & there is nothing learn …

As we are not animals,we have develloped every dimension of our life,like living in homes,way of our diet & every part of our life has changed.. but we have left sex out of it…rather we are taught to supress it..which makes us miserable..

I feel that evryone should learn  the'art of sex' & 'art of living married life' so as to eliminate miseries of life…

Every yougster should learn the art of sex from a matuerd teacher of oppositte sex practically…

I am talking such out of my experience,I have lived miserable life…I remained un touched before marriage & I got married at the age of 24 & lived 21 years of so called pure married miserable life…. I was unable to enjoy sex not more than two minutes..& I got discharged… & having cotineous suppressing my bilogical & mental desire & I was feeling 'SINNER'inside….

At the age of 42 I came in contact of an Indian mystic OSHO.... It took 10 years to remove my old conditiongs… I came in contact with another female friend who was also in the same situations… & both of us explored different dimensions.. She is also married & we would have met just for 25 times in our life & our last meeting in sex was for six hours… & both of us got quenched our thirst…

I feel that there might be other such people… I wish to  support them.

02:59 AM Mar 04 2008 |

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Dear Luzma,

Thanks for asking onestly the real question,a lot people face such problems but men don't admit they have some problem though every male wants to increase their sexual power,that's why a lot 'viagra' is sold in the market.

& a lot sex toys are sold to make to get satisfaction but it don't happen at all.

You have said rightly that I I am not doctor of sex.I am just an ordinary man who has some experiences about it wish to share with others so that someone may get some benefit out of it.

I feel that the problem you have told is a result of psychological disorder.

There are some existential phenominas which we have to understand before we discuss something about the problem itself.

Hard facts about males are….

1.Every male is eager to pnetrate.

2.Every male don't want end the sexual act very soon.

3.Every male wants to give orgsimic experience to woman. 

4.Every male gets disappionted after discharge.


No man wants to admit that he has some problem,if someone want ask he want to ask in some privacy alone.

Males have the feeling that it is sexual act need power to satisfy woman hence he tries maximum to show & collect the whole power through medicunes & otherstuffs.

Some other facts are that,

For successful sexual act ,it is not 'power of sex'it is control of using sexual excitemet,which makes the act complete & beautiful.

When a man leaves the woman dis-satisfied,it creates a 'black spot'over the face of male.He feels that he has lost every thing & wants to committ suicide.

& a male when feels lost for once,the situation creates fear in him & man looses his confidence & man starts feeling that he is impotent,he starts escaping from sex & conflicts starts within bucause the urge to go in sex does not allow him to be comfortable & he tries to find another chance with some another woman in the hope of 'successful encounter'.


if he receives the repeated experience it makes him to feel permanent impotent.   

There are other factors too…

Like the environment in which one grows…....

Existence don't recognise our religions,moralties,social setups,governmental powers,educations ,employments & all about what we evaluate too much but it moves according his own priciples.


man has created a lot stuffs that want to surpass & direct  the existential phenominas,which creates conflicts.

Ours religions,social & political structures have destroyed our existential life too much.

It is all the result of that.

(To be conluded)

02:20 AM Feb 03 2010 |




What I have said about it is very little upto now & there is so much pending about it,I think it will become a book but I shall try to explain it here & there other wise it will become too heavy,I feel good that you have been helped.

04:56 PM Feb 03 2010 |




What I say about learning of sexual act is entirely different from the education which our society wants to impart,reliogion has already taught us so much that it has been got engraved upon our minds & deep upto our soul.

What I say is not necessary at all but it becomes necessary because of the way we live our life.

In the whole of existence all animals live according to their existential habitats except human in which boy & girls are discriminated & both of them get different behaviour.

We have delete stuff that which has been recorded upon our mind.

We need to get freedom from the education that our religions have imparted upon us.Only then we can make this earth a heaven.

Mastrubation is the most un-natural phenomina & it is substitute of something else but since we are hungry & don't get anything to quench our thirst we have discovered some way to meet our desire.

Homosexuality is also part of it.

05:27 PM Feb 03 2010 |




Which society do you mean? Some societies are more opened and freer than other ones. I neither agree with the stuff of masturbation and homosexuality since it is even common between animals, so it is not unnatural. Anyway it is your opinion and I respect it

02:36 AM Feb 04 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


OMG LUZMA! I had not read ur story wow! It is Incredible! Surprised

03:11 AM Feb 06 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I'm glad he did Smile

08:50 PM Feb 06 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

ya i agree learn , but dont practice it befor getting ur partner …

tatz my consept as a muslim .and according 2our islam…

10:41 AM Apr 26 2010 |



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01:33 AM Jul 29 2012 |