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fanni szabo


One of the worst things, ever happened. Especially the communism, which came after it.

08:18 PM Mar 09 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

.............my fathers granparents were shot in front of their house with few of their children….in Bosnia..in 1943…...

10:38 AM Mar 11 2008 |



Sri Lanka

My (late) father was a captain of the Ceylon Sappers (Engineers) Regiment and was assigned to the Burma Road front in South China. He had a scar on his foot due a wound caused by a grenade attack. He was working with roadbuilding and earthmoving equipment which was shipped mainly from the States.



Grecko – My father had several German engineer friends who were working on the Randeniyagala (Mahaweli) dam project in central Sri Lanka. The project was funded by the German government. 

01:22 PM Mar 11 2008 |



My grandfhaters and grandmothers from both sides

had sent from Hungary to the Auschwitz camp and was murdered on the gas chambers .With them my

uncles and their children all had gone in the same way.

My son in law's father was a child as five years old

in the second war period and he remained alone

from his family .In ordered to survive he sold cigarette in Vars law square and slept outside in the cold  of  the center Europe in winter. He also song

in the train together with a girl friend in the same age

05:12 PM Mar 15 2008 |




Last year I were in Auschwitz. Th eatmosphere is horrible.Everything looks like the houses had left for some hours. That's an unbelievable sad ,depressing and  a frighten atmosphere there.You can't imagine if you don't see that on your own!!!

When I were there,I had always the feeling to cry.But it wasn't the case!That's just unbelievableFrown

07:26 PM Mar 15 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


 picture of  sorrow

11:43 AM Mar 17 2008 |




Well its weird because germans are quite used to the stories about WW2, but when you come in contact with that… Has anyone been to Hadamar? There was a clinic that missused under nazi-regime disable people for cruel tests – after the tests they were killed with gas in a shower and burnt in the oven.

If you really have the chance to visit that and to listen to a person telling you what happened there you will immediately feel distressed and shocked. I visited it two times. One time with japanese friends (that came to Germany the first time) – they got very pale.

I suppose no country covered itself with glory in WW2 – many dark deeds. We should keep that in mind to avoid such things in future.

03:01 PM Mar 17 2008 |