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shopping makes me happy



i'am a girl who like shopping.

my classmate and  i went to go shopping  yesterday. accidentally i had a jean skirt fitted on,looking at me in the mirror,i found that i became beautiful wearing it.i am so happy for i haven't found this secret formerly .in one degree,i enjoy dressing up sometimes.i would like to be young and active .

maybe i am a strange girl for  even new clothing or shopping can change my mood.aha, never is important,happy is the first.

do you like dressing up,girls?

02:56 AM Mar 10 2008 |

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fanni szabo


Yes, you are right Smile shopping (for clothes or for makeups) is a great thing to do! For me it's not always important to spend money, I also enjoy to try on expensive or extraordinary clothes.
But I've never seen a man having a shopping spree Laughing shopping makes them anxious, and they would rather buy the first thing that they find to avoid hunting for the best one.

(there is another thing which can always cheer me up: to wash and dry my hair – even if there is no need for it Laughing)

03:25 PM Mar 10 2008 |




well…i think all girls like shoopping!!!! but most of a all i like to buy shoes….i can spend all money on it!!!!! 

03:50 PM Mar 10 2008 |