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My dad went away not long ago,i felt sad and lonely especially in the late at night.

It's hard to get it through.my world is no longer full.

Even when i thought the word"dad" my heart ache.

11:01 AM Oct 26 2006 |

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my friend ,eventhough i don't know you ,but i want to say "be firm !"

i know you are quite hurt now ,but it has become the truth .

in fact ,you aren't lonely ,you still have your mother ,your friend ….

cherish the love from  your mother and comfort her .maybe she need your love and care more than you now .

as you know ,everyone will meet difficulty ,what you should do is to face it and overcome it …...

 friend ,be firm , enjoy yourself !! life will you smile !!your father is looking at you .

he must hope you are happy.

your father will live li your heart for ever.


03:24 AM Oct 27 2006 |



I am sorry to hear that, but you can do some physical exercises, such as runing, swiming, and try to know more friends, maybe that could release your agony.

cheer up!

04:40 AM Oct 27 2006 |



Thanks for all of you.

I know i should be firm,and this need time.

10:19 AM Oct 27 2006 |