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polygamy .......for what



Saudi Arabia


I notice there are a lot of argue about Islamic  polygamy


What is the  benefit of this rule


Let me tell you first that I hate polygamy and every Muslim woman hate it . they considere it a cheating just like you   . yet , they don't say why god ?? because they know what god meant of putting this rule .


Cheating is exit every where ? you can not stop this crime . it really painful but impossible to erase  from the world . what did the low of your country do for preventing this ?????


 nothing at all .


fine …..


islam did alot


 think how  it easy    ….. .  Unmuslim man find it easy to cheat his wife . just go to the bar , dance , drunk , findng girl , have sex . soooo simple .      who  can say no . even wife can not  .  




Islamic cheating is so difficult  .  no bars, no drunk , no sex out of marriage . no mix between men and women in the partty or in the public gathering  , and the must important . women can not attract  men by wearing sexy clothes and being hot . all this is forbidden .  


this rules decrease the cheating .


 . in Saudi Aarabia for example  there is less average of cheating , less average of divorce , less average of sex disease and  less average of sex out of marriage .especially .


. so wife in Islamic country are more safe . and family are saved . there is emotional safety Islam only thought about .  


Look what islam did for the seek of wife ……


Did you ever think why islam order women to ware hijab when she go out  ? it is  for the seek of  wifes . to live happily , no worry or fair that another women would take her husband by her beautiful leg or chest .


I am a woman and like to be beautiful when I go out . I know every woman is like me . but for the seek of other women islam order me to hide my beauty . so I most obey . and don’t be selfish by following my desire .


By the way .man can stare at any thing pretty accept woman . looking to the women with lusty is forbidden in islam . there is saying for the prophet mohammed (pbuh) :  (the first sight for you and the second is for the devil )this  means that the second sight is always done when you want to gaze at her  beauty and this  awake your lusty thought . god don't want this thought to araise into the mind . this thought most be sleep .


Don't think man is shy when he look to the ground while speaking to a foreign woman Don't think woman is shy when she look to the ground while speaking to a foreign man . it is the order of god in islam religion .


Ok . Know I will tell you way  polygamy is useful .  


If all these obstacles  did not avoid the thought of cheating in husband mind . islam   make benefit of this bad thing (cheating ) . it is to build new family for the seek of woman surly .  


How interested in making family , woman or man ……………… man only want to have sex , so he will use the mistress and than leave her after month , week or even adays  .


For saving the right of this mistress . and to preventing her from being inferior by the call (mistress) . Islam order man to marry her before  any thing happen between them ..or he wil be ponish and she will also


it is not good for the woman to be mistress , she will be hated by the society for being cheep , she may become pregnant   ,   the cheating man will return to  his family leaving her with a lot of pain and a lot of responsibility . she will be a single mom and live the rest of her life take care of the man dead result,  by her self alone . also the baby that created  from this relationship will hurt  because his father usually don't give him his name . baby lives with out father and this is not good for him .




 polygamy is for the seek of the another woman , and to force  man be  responsible for his lusty and his love for women . he can not run away . it is also an obstacles prevent man from following his desire because he will hesitate in getting  marriage since there is a lot of responsibility follow it . how hard to spend money in two family .


do not think there are a lot of polygamy  among Arabian men . there is a few  . much less than cheaters in you country , be sure , and the single mom is fewer than yours.


what about the old  wife …  ok  ,… the poor wife will be suffering definitely in the two cases . weather he cheating her with marriage or with out marriage since he insist in doing what he want .

but which is better ;


one woman hurt


two woman and child  hurt .think of it .


however ,it is the wife choice . she can stay with him and she can  ask for divorce .




I will answer this question ?


Why woman can not have a polygamy ?


Because this will hurt her children . every husband deny the fatherhood just to avoid the responsibility . islam refuse to hurt the child by being with out dad . it is his right to have a name and to have one father not two or four .  



 god choose to have benefit of this cheating since it can not prevent . which is building up new family . 


12:24 AM Mar 13 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

ok girl

 i said it before that it is crime but it is an emotional one aginest loyality , not  like  stealing property


if you think it is  same why there is no punishment in your country in you opinion?

12:00 PM Mar 27 2008 |

mirjana josifoska


  I read your article about polygamy, and also i've read all the comments. I live in another culture and all of this is strange to me. So I'm not going to comment anything becouse I think that bigamy or polygamy are ways of life and they are deeply in the cultures. Just wanth to ask where are the feelins here?  You are talking about marriage from the social aspect, but what about love and respect? I think that every adult person should be resposible for its actions, no metter of religion and law.


05:35 PM Mar 27 2008 |




Religions are the creation of males & they utalise woman as slaves by tricks,they tell the benfits of polygamy to woman to condition them to think that they are benfitting,they tell the benfits of 'burqa'.Man uses woman as a machine to meet the sexual needs of males. He always wants to enjoy virgin woman so he condition woman to feel great for being virginity.Just see the advertisements of Thailand,where woman is used as tool of male freely… A virgin girl gets $20,000 to use her body for first three months.  

It is like to tell the birds enkaged …the benefits of enkagement,all the benefits goes to males but it is taught that the woman is benefitted in order to close keep woman's mouth closed.

01:30 AM Mar 28 2008 |




How come a husband, can give equal love for his wife(s)?Can you tell me the answer please??
I’m a man.I, myself, can’t imagine I dare to apply polygamy to my wife. It’s really nonsense.
There is no reason to have another wife.I take a pity to women who accept being polygamy,because I know deep down in her heart, she refuse to it.

07:06 AM Mar 28 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

kana , what happen to you dear , are you sick or some thing ?


 devinder , you can not compare between them and wifes .

you wrote about the cheap women who sold their body ,and there is a hard punishment in Islam for them and for the men how use them . just not like thailand nor any other country . some country punish the women only but the men leave them free to search for another victims .


for mike qwan ,


this is islamic cheating ,not accepted for all the wife nor the loyal husband .This is not for you brother and not for any good men. Also this is not for good , stronge women , those women refuse to be second wife .


This is for preventing sex out of marriage among bad lusty guys (Quran describe them as sick minded men )


This is for reducing the mistresses


, This is for preventing having child with out father ,


 This is for reducing single mothers


 I am not saying , this is good , try it ,

no and no ,

I only show the reason behind such rule in Islam . . ok


 for all muslim women .


 do not accept to be a game in men hands , do not accept to be cheap or you will commit a big sin followed by punishment


do not accept to be mistress , you will commit a big sin followed by punishment and he will leave you after a while .


 do not accept to be a second wife because this will hurt the first wife .but if some strong circumstances forced you to choice between those three ,believe me being wife is better than the first two choices . to save your right and your child's right . and to save social respect .


 finally . for all non muslim , do not think man can have what number he ever want of wife  . no that is wrong . he can not marry more than four .


 do not think muslim enjoying this , always who marriage more than one considered as a mad or crazy between his friends and his family , because they know how he will suffer after that , as if he say bye for comfort .


 this is a famous poem describe this suffering , I need someone translate it from Arabic to English :

 توزجت أثنتين لفرط جهلي

 بما يشقى به زوج أثنتين

وقلت أصير بينهما خروفاً

 أنعم بين أكرم نعجتين

فصرت كنعجة تضحي وتمسي

تداول بين أخبث ذئبتين

رضا هذي يثير سخط هذه

فما أنجو من أحدى السخطتين

وألقى في المعيشة كل ضر

كذاك الضر بين الضرتين

لهذه ليلة ولتلك أخرى

عتاب دائم في الليلتين

فيا من شئت أن تحيا كريماً

 من الخيرات موفور اليدين

 عش عزباًٍ فإن لم تستطعه

فواحدة تكفيك شر الذئبتين


and do not think muslim women are so weak that they accept to be second , third or fourth wife .

 no that is also pretty wrong ,

 most women in my country are educated , have self confidence and financial independence , that she do not need to be in this conditions . yes , before they were so weak and can not live with out a man . but now they are few like that .


04:30 PM Mar 29 2008 |



Saudi Arabia



again do not accept this 


just   ,  just   know why this is allowed  in Islam

allowed    not  ordered

04:32 PM Mar 29 2008 |




I’m sorry if I made an emotional expression. I just completely didn’t understand how things like that could exist. Polygamy is pure a greedy though of some men to make an excuse for them to take another wife. I believed in girl’s power. Women are strong despite the softness.

04:18 AM Mar 31 2008 |




Monnata..at this time there is the most popular movie in my country..that title is "Ayat-AYat Cinta"..if translated to English means "Loves verses" (in Qoran). This film is talking about polygamy. it's very touching, both women and men! And Do U know Monna…almost all men changed their views about polygamy after they saw this film. and for your information…my president and his wife invited some ambassadors to see this film! I said 'salute' to my president!Cool. I think  that film is the best film that Indonesia ever had ('coz this film is not just entertainment, but also full knowledges about Islam, living in Cairo..yeah..this film background in Cairo)!

Uhg….If only U can see this film…I wanna ask your comments! Wink

05:14 AM Mar 31 2008 |



Like Judaism and Christianity, (See, Footnotes No. 2,3,4 and 5) Islam does not provide an explicit prohibition of polygamy (more correctly polygyny). Unlike Judaism, Christianity and perhaps other religions as well, Islam deals with the issue more clearly and provides certain legal requirements and restraints that amount to the discouragement of such a practice. The reason for not prohibiting polygamy categorically is perhaps due to the fact that there are certain conditions which face individuals and societies in different places and at different times, which make the limited practice of polygamy a better solution than either divorce or the hypocritical pretence of morality. Our present day feelings about what is “tasteful” or “distasteful” are something we cannot force on all people everywhere, at all times and under all conditions, unless it is a question of a law coming from God. This leads to the following question. 2. Is Polygamy immoral Perse? To shorten the discussion, let us begin with the assumption that religions are acceptable sources of “morals”. Let us also select two religions (Judaism and Christianity) which are the closest to Islam, in order to see where they stand on that issue. a. In Judaism: It is notable that most of the Old Testament Prophets were polygamous. According to the Old Testament, Abraham “the friend of God” had more than one wife, David had one hundred wives, and Solomon is even said to have had 700 wives and 300 concubines. If polygamy is immoral perse, then these and other leading figures in the Biblical traditions are immoral. In this case, there would be no sanctity attached to the Bible, its Prophets, or its teaching! No sincere Jew, Christian, or Muslim would regard God’s chosen Messengers as immoral persons!

11:14 AM Mar 31 2008 |



I think it is a good topic to be discussed,because it is an issue of a day.Since there is wars,many women got widowed and their husband died.So they need some to take care of them and to have sex legally,because as muslims,they are not allowed to seek sex any where.As a result,polygamy comes as ameans of compensation for those who have  wives with oraganic or physical diseases or who are impotent.In Islam,the man who takes care of the widowess or orphans,he is going to get a reward in the Hereafter from God.In addition,those who are hyper sexal,they have the choice to marry the second or whatever instead of deviating and committing adultry.Hence the polygamy comes to tackle such problems and I only discussed one case.Other cases can be explained later on as my time is limitted.To conclude,polygamy is only applicable in Muslim societies which submit to Islamic laws and the most important to apply it is unde rcertain conditions,however one of them is to have the equiality among all wives and in all sides of life.

11:35 AM Mar 31 2008 |