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polygamy .......for what



Saudi Arabia


I notice there are a lot of argue about Islamic  polygamy


What is the  benefit of this rule


Let me tell you first that I hate polygamy and every Muslim woman hate it . they considere it a cheating just like you   . yet , they don't say why god ?? because they know what god meant of putting this rule .


Cheating is exit every where ? you can not stop this crime . it really painful but impossible to erase  from the world . what did the low of your country do for preventing this ?????


 nothing at all .


fine …..


islam did alot


 think how  it easy    ….. .  Unmuslim man find it easy to cheat his wife . just go to the bar , dance , drunk , findng girl , have sex . soooo simple .      who  can say no . even wife can not  .  




Islamic cheating is so difficult  .  no bars, no drunk , no sex out of marriage . no mix between men and women in the partty or in the public gathering  , and the must important . women can not attract  men by wearing sexy clothes and being hot . all this is forbidden .  


this rules decrease the cheating .


 . in Saudi Aarabia for example  there is less average of cheating , less average of divorce , less average of sex disease and  less average of sex out of marriage .especially .


. so wife in Islamic country are more safe . and family are saved . there is emotional safety Islam only thought about .  


Look what islam did for the seek of wife ……


Did you ever think why islam order women to ware hijab when she go out  ? it is  for the seek of  wifes . to live happily , no worry or fair that another women would take her husband by her beautiful leg or chest .


I am a woman and like to be beautiful when I go out . I know every woman is like me . but for the seek of other women islam order me to hide my beauty . so I most obey . and don’t be selfish by following my desire .


By the way .man can stare at any thing pretty accept woman . looking to the women with lusty is forbidden in islam . there is saying for the prophet mohammed (pbuh) :  (the first sight for you and the second is for the devil )this  means that the second sight is always done when you want to gaze at her  beauty and this  awake your lusty thought . god don't want this thought to araise into the mind . this thought most be sleep .


Don't think man is shy when he look to the ground while speaking to a foreign woman Don't think woman is shy when she look to the ground while speaking to a foreign man . it is the order of god in islam religion .


Ok . Know I will tell you way  polygamy is useful .  


If all these obstacles  did not avoid the thought of cheating in husband mind . islam   make benefit of this bad thing (cheating ) . it is to build new family for the seek of woman surly .  


How interested in making family , woman or man ……………… man only want to have sex , so he will use the mistress and than leave her after month , week or even adays  .


For saving the right of this mistress . and to preventing her from being inferior by the call (mistress) . Islam order man to marry her before  any thing happen between them ..or he wil be ponish and she will also


it is not good for the woman to be mistress , she will be hated by the society for being cheep , she may become pregnant   ,   the cheating man will return to  his family leaving her with a lot of pain and a lot of responsibility . she will be a single mom and live the rest of her life take care of the man dead result,  by her self alone . also the baby that created  from this relationship will hurt  because his father usually don't give him his name . baby lives with out father and this is not good for him .




 polygamy is for the seek of the another woman , and to force  man be  responsible for his lusty and his love for women . he can not run away . it is also an obstacles prevent man from following his desire because he will hesitate in getting  marriage since there is a lot of responsibility follow it . how hard to spend money in two family .


do not think there are a lot of polygamy  among Arabian men . there is a few  . much less than cheaters in you country , be sure , and the single mom is fewer than yours.


what about the old  wife …  ok  ,… the poor wife will be suffering definitely in the two cases . weather he cheating her with marriage or with out marriage since he insist in doing what he want .

but which is better ;


one woman hurt


two woman and child  hurt .think of it .


however ,it is the wife choice . she can stay with him and she can  ask for divorce .




I will answer this question ?


Why woman can not have a polygamy ?


Because this will hurt her children . every husband deny the fatherhood just to avoid the responsibility . islam refuse to hurt the child by being with out dad . it is his right to have a name and to have one father not two or four .  



 god choose to have benefit of this cheating since it can not prevent . which is building up new family . 


12:24 AM Mar 13 2008 |

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i read all the comments but i want to say to monatta god bless you  , and i want to say to every one that said bad things about islam i will not say any comment bycause it will not worth it with hes tiny mind .


04:01 PM Mar 31 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

popi ;

i will try to have this film , so excited to watch it . may i have a translated version

justice . thanks for your comment , comparing polygamy to emergency exit is good one .

markchina ,  you are pretty happy for finding some insulting , 

ok   brother  , listen


from this site  I insult every person use any rule of islam wrongly wheather he is a shey'k or homeless dirty man , weather man or women

please . do not speak to me  i know better than you about some muslims bad behaviors .

mubrook , i appreciate your comment , and consider it as a help . thank you very much . you talk about another side of polygamy's benefits ,

finally ,  thanx doha for the good pray , god bless you too

08:42 PM Mar 31 2008 |




Hah…NU..U 're very fast to find that film!! Did U already see it?? Surprised. what 's your comment? hm….unfortunatelly..that movie's not translated to english…(this film is based on Best Seller Novel in Indonesia,..the author is Habiburahman El Shirazy..(he graduated from Al Azhar University-Cairo)..even the film is not as good as its Novel (like Da Vinci Code film is not as good as its novel), but at least we found the meanings of that film!!.

04:04 AM Apr 01 2008 |




I believe there is no love in Polygamy. It’s just only LUST LUST and LUST.
I believe I (man) can’t love two or more women at the same time. If there is one it’s bullshit.
And the sad part of it, it is legal. Shame on you!!

01:30 PM Apr 01 2008 |




personally, I have many reason and justification to say polygamy is right and good. be knowledgeable, I’m only a man that has egocentric and more has power sense than woman. but…, when I see my beloved mother, and especially now, I look at my sweet little daughter, so I imagine the word “polygamy” come to her life then, oww, sorry very-very sorry, that may be I as her father will have the heart to kill man who leave her without my daughter willing. it’s not emotional but I try put a matter in objective perspectivelly, not only for me as a man, but also for my daughter as a girl/woman. so, with regard such that, may be I only can save my justification.

02:59 AM Apr 02 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


zach , 

when your daughter are ready to get married , tell her to put a condition in her marriage certification that her husband  should not married another women since they are togather  .


it will inforce him not to think even of this .



Nu pogodi , thanks . I saw the program


these are women had a bad choises , and there addiction inforce them to continue doing the wrong .


you have much like this in your country , right ? no place is empty of this people , if you search of such kind of people in saudi arabia  . surely you will find .


i want to say thanks also for putting link to ayat ayat cinta ,it is good film , i saw nine parts of the movie but do not know way the rest is not exit 


now ,  popi

,  can you tell me what happen after aysha gets mariam's note ? would you please ?

04:10 AM Apr 02 2008 |



I want to say that polygamy is a part of Islam and can be ignored any more.However.it is a grant from God to those who want to protect themselves from vices and sins.So it is a fact that will be clear and applicable anywhere and any time with the conditions that Goran states.

11:45 AM Apr 02 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

u know that "Sighe" have speciall situation and is designed to prevent prostitution in society.
No body can freely do that
for example the woman do sighe cant do it again until 30 day after that.
And only widow woman can do sigheh not agirl.
The man who do that have to have responsibility about his temporary wife and pay her Mehrieh.
U know that in a society that all People are modesty (Like Iran) if a woman do temporary marriage All people look at her strangely. So he cant marriage for secound time easily.
So it couse v v v v v little people do that.I've never seen such man or woman until now.
AS u know the director has flee from Iran so u can find out he've had evil purpose.
He is Against Islam. Why dont he speak about v v v v big centers for prostitution in western country
That all are legal Dont accepct any responsability about woman that ruin herself in this way?

07:30 PM Apr 02 2008 |




NuPo, I just set from different perspective. of course  about my wife, especially since I saw her picture that show her at 5 years old, so I imagine what her purity was, omg, I don't acquiesce she is offended. yups it's only my contemplation that all woman have sentiment. I see.      

06:23 AM Apr 03 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Besides drugs, does Saudi Arabia create laws similar to Sighe or is this just a Shia law?



No . there is no temporary marriage in Saudi Arabia , because the majority is suna , and suna believe this marriage was allowed for period in prophet time than god forbid it , while shi'a believes it was not forbidden, and say  that the second ruler after prophet death , who's name is Omar Bin Al Hattab is the one who prevented it and punished how do it  because he dislike it .

 The words temporary and pay leads me to believe it is prostitution  


Ok.I understand and respect you point of view .

It is not strange opinion, by the way .


 also suna think as you and attacks shi'a for not forbidden it , not because there is the word (  pay )  ,  no    ,  normal marriage in islam also have ( maher ) given to the bride, it can be money , or ring or Qur'an or any thing else , it  can be what ever bride want , and if she want nothing ,  it is up to her , no problem .


I am shi'e woman and want to represent the shi'a point of view here .   not to convince any one ,nor to encourage people to do it . but

 it is just to clarify shi'a's opinion .


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم أشرح لي صدري ويسر لي أمري وأحلل عقدةً من لساني يفقه قولي

 Roshandel said :U know that in a society that all People are modesty (Like Iran) if a woman do temporary marriage All people look at her strangely.

Iran is the only Islamic country that allow temporary marriage ,   yet , nation  do not practice it  because of the modesty and because they hate it . it is not respected .


Not every thing allowed in islam , god want you to do it  , remember this


Do you know that god in Islam allowed us to eat  animal's  carcase , 

 but when ?


When we are dying because of hungry . with out this condition you achieve a sin .

If you attack me because my religion allow us to eat disgusted animal's carcase  . I would say ;

 no . we do not do it , this is disgusted , but also we do not blame god for this declaration   ?  because we know some people under  some  hard circumstances need to eat this dead animal  to be alive .


Would  you trust me if I said that ,   I hope so .


 polygamy is just like this  and also temporary marriage  . trust me they are not good . and god do not want you to do it in order to enter heaven , it is the opposite .


 rushandel told the truth when he said it is rare in Iran  , it is because must mulims suni and shiai have a high sense of modesty and chstity  .

notes , must  I said  not all , there are always an exceptions  . and there always bad men and women .



do you remember the condition god put for polygamy

it is the justice , if there is no justice  ……  polygamy  is a sin leads you to hell .


what is the condition god put for  temporary  marriage ?


the condition is  not  to convert temporary marriage into  prostitution  , it is not to be a game of pleasure , because modesty is some thing  very   very   very    important to god  .

 there are more conditions  roshandel wrote above . but I mentioned the one which god put  in Qur'an .

this is the evidence from the holy qur'an :

قال الله جل جلاله  :

 (فما استمتعتم بهن فأتوهن أجورهن غير مسافحين ولا متخذي أخدانا )

I  believe that the shi'ai muslim who sleep every day with girl , and says it is my right since god allowed me to do so through temporary married . This one will be definitely in the hell , he pretty deserve hell  for using this allowance in wrong way   , also women .    it is like the boss or the judgment  who use his authority that low give him  to do horrible thing .


also the muslim man how have 4 wives  ,  humiliating them and abuse one  , two of them or all  ,  trust my god will punish him  ,  polygamy in this case is a big sin . 


also the muslim men how have many children that he can not remember their name , who leave them in the streat ,and care nothing about their condition , education and their psychology  .  trust me , he will go to hell  

Using islamic  rule in such way is disgusted and horrible thing . god do not accept it .


Temporary marriage  is allowed  for necessary  situation ,  and I will tell you one  example :


There is one common case in which temporary marriage is necessary and some how accepted  for shi'a , but still even in this case the person keep it as a secret   ,  because even in this case they shi'a will feel  disgusted  .  

When ?

 can you guess , 

ok   ,  I will tell you .



It is when a young single man travel into a foreign country for studying . and find him self


In a country where girls try to appear their beauty as much as they can . no part of there body need to be hidden 

In a country where women walk in public wearing clothes considered as underwear .

In a country where every advertisment remind of sex  .  

In a country where Pornographic is consider as an art and can be  found every where .

In a country where if girls like some one , she try to attractive him  and get him in all possible way  .

 in this case a virgin gay can not be modesty easily  ,  hard to achieve chastity .

How easy was to achieve modesty in his  Islamic country , where  girls and women are so operated  because they know the orders of god , which is to be modesty  and wear veil and cover their pretty and  hot body with suitable clothes if she want to go out of the house ,


This virgin guy can use temporary marriage  ,  and his open minded parents sometimes  advice him secretly to do so in order to be far from  sins , deasese and bad relationship .

he can choose a polite , kind , beautiful girls whom he loves to be his wife   .


 unfortunately   , suni  do not have this choice ,

 he either stay in suffering  to achieve chastity ,


have constantly marriage while he is still young and not ready for it  


committing sins by having sex with out marriage .


11:50 PM Apr 06 2008 |