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ask spiritual a help



some kid friend come and say to me ; spirit help me please some big guy want to hit me so help me, i say ; ok my son go to him and say that your father is ben laden and he want to kill you, after that the kid come and say : spiritual it's work the boy run away haha .. i say ; wow good new , maybe your father is so happy about u .. u crash the big boy , he say ; i don't know about that because my father is disappear from that day

before some day my friend make his relaxation .. and he say : spiritual spiritual .. you have a big power i see it … can you now make ur self invisible so all people can't see you, i say to my self maybe he's now drugged , i say ; maybe i'll try it some time after some day when i come back from my work … walking , i remember this story so i say let's try it … ok relax .. i'm invisible invisible … no one in this street can see me … inisible … my shadow disappear disappear i can see it disappear oh i see it .. it's disapper i'm invisible wow .. and when i cross the street , some car want to hit me .. maybe because i'm invisible i don't know … and in the last time i live, i say : wow wow it's near it's near thanks god thanks for bean visible thanks maybe now i must kill my friend … thanks

 you can try it .. in your home hahahaha

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12:12 PM Mar 17 2008 |