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Is the family the best friend?

Little Buddha


Hello, I think my best friends are very close to me. So I think my family is my best friend. Do you agree or disagree?

10:46 AM Mar 25 2008 |

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Tricia Wu

Tricia Wu


sometimes it is, sometimes not…....

12:06 PM Mar 25 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

it should be the best friend!!!


12:24 PM Mar 25 2008 |




Yes, absolutely! For me, family is the best friend till death do us apart! ‘coz if I get problem or like this : I need something urgent in the midnight, who can be asked helping..?do U think your friend? Is your friend available 24 hours stand beside U?

12:39 PM Mar 25 2008 |



  Of course,Yes,i think your family can think and deal with things standing in your side.Maybe you and your family have a bad relation,but i insist on that there are not bad parents in the world,and parents always devote them for their children.

  Nowadays,i listen to the radio, i get a story.one people deote a kidney into his son,i don't know who can do that except their family…...

  Now bless the parents all over the world….

01:04 PM Mar 25 2008 |