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Why some countries have so much prejudice on China?




Can anybody tell me why? but please be honest…

China isn't doing best, but China is improving, developing and changing….

09:52 AM Mar 26 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

heay…in the begining

who said that …. chaina like as other countries, has Advantages and disadvantages but the first one are most .

my comuter from china,

my flash memory from china,

my mobile from china….etc,

what you want more than this.you are good, you are very good .I like Jakyshan very much. say that to him, if you meet him in someday.

06:16 PM Mar 26 2008 |



I think it's because China wants to eat the world… just take over everything and make the US stumble. Also the fact that it has communism as its regime.

There's nothing against the people of China, just the leaders… the ones who are running the show.

I hope I didn't hurt any of your feelings… just wanted to say what I felt. Nothing personal… as I said, there's nothing against the people of China.


Proud Student of Open English 

07:42 PM Mar 26 2008 |




Thanks for your reply…

Hekmer, well, you really use a lot of chinese products… For Jackie CHAN, I have to say that I have never met him except on the TV show or in the moives… you know celebrities are not easy show up..haha..anyway, I'll pass your words when I have chance meet him…Tongue out


Kanaobi, you're right..I think the goverment should propagandized more about China instead of block the bad news from other western medias ..


LearnSmart, thanks, I confirm you did not hurt my feelings.. China has never want to eat the world…but it seems that western wants to eat China…We Chiese love peace, just want peaceful life..that's all…Smile

03:06 AM Mar 27 2008 |




It won't be surprised that the economic developments has gone rapid than any countries in the world. I witness this for the past 5 years working in China.

05:02 AM Mar 27 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

yeah kanaobi thanks for correct, jackie chan , he is very kind.

and don't forget say that to him,China's Girl.

06:50 PM Mar 27 2008 |




I don't  know what prejudices you are talking about aileench. But there are some things which always offend me when I heard talking about china. I sometimes heard on the radio about working condition for example and I often got in trouble.

Also It seems to me that china is not an example in human rights terms. Doesn't it?

An other thing exasperate me too. it is about the control of all the media. I find that very shocking.

So that is it prejucide?


08:44 PM Mar 27 2008 |



* because of some media

* because of the differences in culture,some things which that chinese have got used to,but in other people's eyes,they think that it's unbelievable

* because that china is developing so fast,some countries may think that it's a bad thing for them…

10:42 AM Mar 28 2008 |

Wu Dexter

Wu Dexter


China people should be respected instead of been prejudiced! Think about it, when we sell something it becomes cheapest, but when we buy something it become expensive. How unjust it is! Besides almost all Chinese workers are low salaries! We shouldn’t be treated like that. As we all known that china is developing fast, but not everyone knows that we suffering a lot from that kind of development! God should help China but not scorning!

03:51 PM Mar 28 2008 |





 I love China too much

Iam with you aileench

it seems that some western countries wants to eat China(especially USA)

The U.S. is running a "silent currency war" against  China

I advice you to read this book "currency war"

"People in China are nervous about what's going on in financial markets, but they don't know how to handle the real dangers. This book gives them some ideas."

05:09 PM Mar 28 2008 |




  << Wu Dexter :"How unjust it is! Besides almost all Chinese workers are low salaries! We shouldn’t be treated like that" >>

I am agree with you wu Dexter

05:15 PM Mar 28 2008 |