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Why some countries have so much prejudice on China?




Can anybody tell me why? but please be honest…

China isn't doing best, but China is improving, developing and changing….

09:52 AM Mar 26 2008 |

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United States

I fear that saying a country has to be wealthy before it can be democratic a) is patronising to poor people/countries and b) is a good excuse for dictators.

And yet it's basically true, I haven't seen any historical examples that condradict this idea. Much of life is a reflection of material circumstances.

England had the highest standard of living in Europe in the late middle ages, with a landed yeomanry and a robust and united nobility. Out of that rose the modern world's first really democratic goverment. The United States was the first nation to do away with the property qualification for voting, precisely because anyone in the United States could own property. Japan was the first democratic government in Asia precisely because it was so developed. Korea did not become democratic until after the economic boom of the 70s and 80s. The Weimar Republic failed because of economic turmoil, which led to the Nazi regime. The French peasantry was too uneducated, too illiterate, and too disorganized to support the Revolution, thus leading to the Terror and finally Napoleon.

 Dictators don't need excuses. They're dictators.

china running in the right path and usa is the country that try to stop that but finally i am sure china will won and usa is the looser

I really have not seen this. If anything, the United States government loves having a strong adversary, because it makes it easier to justify high taxes, high military spending (which is basically subsidized corporate research) and  a restriction of social welfare programs. Since 9/11, though, the US has basically forgotten about China, other than as an ecnomic trading partner.

03:19 PM Apr 18 2008 |




aljenson :

In the tibet riot,Western Media report the fake news,which Injures deeply our Chinese!!Specially CNN,Not only Slander China,But also the  compere  Jack Cafferty say Our Chinese are Bandit  in the 50 years.The big media said there words?Now in my mind "Don’t be like CNN"!

Besides,Your USA alway criticism China about Human rights and threat ,But your look at your country,today ,one country is out ,tomorrow,another country have a war! What times wars do your have in the 50 years?I think ,befor USA criticism China ,they must  think itseft.

At last,the net  http://www.anti-cnn.com/   expose the western Media (which have another purpose)  fake news!

your can see the "So-called western democracy report "!


07:06 PM Apr 18 2008 |



United States

Jack Cafferty is just one newsperson on CNN, and CNN has dozens of people who are newspersons. You are mad at the network for the statement of one person, when the network has so many people who work for it. Jack Cafferty's statements were stupid, but this is the first I have even heard about his statements. Also, CNN apologized for his statements. CNN does not condone the statements of Jack Cafferty. CNN stated:

CNN would like to clarify that it was not Mr. Cafferty’s, nor CNN’s, intent to cause offense to the Chinese people, and [CNN] would apologize to anyone who has interpreted the comments in this way.

CNN is a network that reports the news in an objective and balanced fashion. However, as part of our coverage we also employ commentators who provide robust opinions that generate debate.

On this occasion Jack was offering his strongly held opinion of the Chinese government, not the Chinese people — a point he subsequently clarified on The Situation Room on April 14.

It should be noted that over many years, Jack Cafferty has expressed critical comments on many governments, including the U.S. government and its leaders.

12:54 AM Apr 19 2008 |



Viet Nam

China has never wanted to eat the world…but it seems that the West (a noun, not an adjective) wants to eat China…We Chniese love peace, we just want a peaceful life..that's all…

Well, China people, if you don't want to agree with the fact that your people is helping in hiding what is really a "nature" inside your every mind, then just tell your government to eliminate, or at least cut down your tendency to "eat" your nearest dish – Vietnam.

I don't mean to be extremely agressive here, if you might misunderstand me making the situation more serious or brual. From what I've seen and experienced, I can't tell that I have much dislike to some of the Chinese people I've met so far. But don't tell me you will deny the long history as well as the lastest events reflecting your obvious longing. Right from the ancient time, your nation would continously assimilate your culture to ours, thus you could easily colonize the small nation in your South. You now have a rising economy, a considerably mass media (Channel Newsia sometimes broadcast programmes whose language is yours), an remarkably enough power so as to trememdously reduce the threat from Westeners; then just somehow attempt to constraint what needed to be kept. Or else, just states the truth regardless of the "we all want peace" phrase.

I mention it again, I don't tend to any dishonor or hatefulness to Chinese people there. It's just a matter of fact that if you were in my country in a day while the streets was crowed with people protesting your policy, you would understand part of the affair.

02:15 AM Apr 20 2008 |