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Life Talk!

I really want find new friends and improve my english, maybe you can help me:))




Hi, I'm from Poland and I don't speak english very good. I want find some friends on this site. We can learn english together:)

It could be nice to make friends and learning english at the same.

contact me 

07:45 PM Nov 12 2006 |

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hi, jagoda,nice to meet you.

first of all, i´d like to welcome you to this site and send you my heartfelt greetings.

It doesnt matter how much english you can know. here you will find people with many different levels of english.

the most important thing is to participate. I am new here too,but in my case, i like to take part in  forums, because i can think quietly about what i want to say and how i can express it. Sometimes i have to look up many words in the dictionary,and i suppose, it is the best way to improve your vocabulary.

If you are interested in continuing this thread, tell us about why do you need to learn english?




08:13 PM Nov 12 2006 |




Hi, thank's for reply:)

I want learn english, because this language is really common in this time. Everywhere we can talk usually in english. Besides, I studying informatics and english is really useful. We programming in english, so I need it:)

I always had something like a "barrier", who caused that I can't say anything:/

Now it's better, but sometimes this "barrier" come back. I want writing with people, because it's good method to improve english. I don't write without mistakes, but I try decrease it.


08:43 PM Nov 13 2006 |



I think now your english is already good enough.I'm in China,with bad English.

11:16 AM Nov 15 2006 |




Thanks for nice words tangxianluan:) but when I write something, like now, I always use my dictionary, so its easier. But when I must talk with people i see that i know really little words in english.

You say that your english is bad, I can't say this because you write  too small;) don't think that, you can always improve your english.

I know that writing here i can increase my vocabulary. It's great website:)

gosiaczek.a1 it's true what you say, maybe i must try with my sister:) 

take care Wink

02:58 PM Nov 15 2006 |



Hi, I come from Poland too! Nice…...

04:52 PM Nov 16 2006 |


Bosnia and Herzegovina

hi.i wrote ur message.i m from turkey.22.if u wanna we can meet on msn,

05:38 PM Nov 16 2006 |




Hi everyone:)

 Of course we can meet on msn, but I have little problem with this program now, I will write you when I repair this:) 

We always can send message:) Sometimes, we don't have time or can't write everything what we want on msn.

For this time, messages like this it's good method to contact with me;) so please write to me, I will be replySmile

  wish you happy every day!


10:25 PM Nov 20 2006 |





I always want speak and write in english very well, but…..

I agree with you Topsanna, that this language is important in our time. I learn english very long time, but I always have problem with everything;) I can't remember simply words in english and this is really annoying when you want say sth and you don't know how.

I'm happy that this website exist, because I can write here everything what I want ;)) and I can see that not only me have problem with this language.  People here are very nice:) and everyone want improve english.


07:44 PM Nov 21 2006 |



I have your same aim:to improve my english but I don't know how to do it…..please help me…


03:06 PM Nov 22 2006 |



ok my english is not well toowe can help eachother for improving our englih ı will have an english test  ı ve to pass it its about erasmus  ıf ı ve pass ı will go abroad for educatıon and ı thınk poland ıt will be more better ıf you accept

04:17 PM Nov 22 2006 |