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At what age is good time for to get married?




Hi friends!!!!!!!!Can you share your ideas with me at what age is the right time to get marriage? And marry to a younger one, older one or same age?waiting your opinion,,,,,,,,,,,,,

06:01 AM Mar 29 2008 |

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I think age is not a improtant part to consider in the marrage. However, I  think the personality of you and your boyfriend  suit or not is more important .Marriage is a imporant promise to each other. Therefore, you should think it be carefully. If your boyfriend give you this promise , I  think  he would be love you very deep. Love a person which is give you happiness more important than the money.

Good Luck! I hope you can find a Mr right ~

07:51 AM Mar 31 2008 |




I beieve that after 25+ it is ok to start thinking of a marriage. But it also depends on the country you are living in as very often the society dictates the rules.

As to age difeerence between a man and a woman, I belive that it should be reasonable. I personally have never dating men who are 10-20 years older then I am due to different interests and life positions. But I would prefer to have such an older friend rather then a husband. My point of view is that age differrence must be about 4-7 years but not more, as for me.

But everything depends…

05:08 PM Mar 31 2008 |



do your heart wants to do

05:22 PM Apr 02 2008 |



i agree with "magicgirl15" totally.


02:50 AM Apr 03 2008 |




HI all friends,

Thanks for your responses. I have learned alot from you and was exciting to hear your opinions. I agree with some points, however not agree with some. I can see that differnt people come up with different ideas. anyway, it is fun to discuss.

10:50 AM Apr 03 2008 |


Russian Federation

frankly speaking i am in the same situation. i love this man, we are together since 1 year, but he thinks it is no good to get married because of the gap in age. he thinks now everething is good, but some years later.. nevertheless i am loving my "little boy" and i give him all my love, tenderness and care just now without waiting. i have an idea that sometimes we hesitate to do what we want in the life. for me it is to have a child from my love. as there are too much hesitations i think it's not the time yet..

but if you really love him, if theere's no obstacles… One of the great russian actresses once said (when she was an old women) that now she regrets that she didn't parturiate a child from every man she really loved in her life :))

11:06 AM Apr 03 2008 |





Let me tell you frankly, as we are both female and from the same country.

You  said that you are 30s and sound smart , and you already have your senior boyfriend.

So, ages should not be concerned unless you have other things in mind.


12:33 PM Apr 03 2008 |




I prefer marry after 26 years old :)) Becasue i want to study very much.. I am 16 now . I am going to go to the university after 2 years..Then i will be 18.. I will study medicine for 6-7 years.. then i will be 25.. Then i will study master for 2 years..After all i will be 27 and if i meet a good boy i will marry with him..:)) :))

If i don't meet any good boy, i won't marry !! :)) But now there is a so good boy in my life !! I hope he can be a good person in all of his life too !! :))

04:29 PM Apr 03 2008 |



Dear Friends,

Which is the proper age to get married….?

I feel that it can not be fixed..actually physical age doesn't have any connection with the marriage…

Marrriage is not just a legal, social or religious document to live a life of sex & produce child… it is something deep.. so we have no alternate just to get married & there is no exit… that's why most of the times we turn our life in to hell….

Marriage is not just sharing of bodies & factory of reproduction.. it is something deep… when we have love to share… when we are really respectful for the actions of the partner… when we have respect fothe individuality… when we have something inside to give… when we have respect for recreation… when God is with us… I feel that it is the real marriage… so it has nothing to do with physical age.. it is mental growth… I feel so.

I feel in the first stage we need sex rather than marriage but as we don't find it easy so we have get married.

02:57 AM Apr 04 2008 |




I just want to respond your point, the first stage for couple is sex. But i personally feel sex doesnt come first for me. but i have heard from from friends (asian and western) sex plays important role between couples. most married couples get divorced for sexually frustrated each other.

now i feel to continue discussion " Is sex important in married life?" If yes, why?

and if any advantages and disadvantages between pre-marrital and post-marital sex? i dont have much experiences in this field. pls share your opinion or experiences if you feel free,,,,

04:43 AM Apr 04 2008 |