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Life Talk!

About strange life




Hello i would like to talk about life

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life?...I ve done it…but i havent found it…

    People dont know what is the good way to follow in life…But the most important that i discovered is that people in France dont have any hobbies…and thus any meaning of life.In the former time,i mean in your father and mother time people indulged in modelism,dance or other things like that, but i think that is only linked to people i know to not have hobbies.

      Nowadays, i think a lot of people havent any aim in life because they havent enough time and posibility to follow the way which makes them reach it , And what kind of aim is proposed by society?...Only being rich and drowning in the beauty of materialism?...is it this the deep feeling of human being?. Why we have to play a game in life?life is it like chess?


    So i don't understand life and i think that i'll never understand it…If you have any suggestion write it :D 

09:59 AM Mar 29 2008 |

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life is like an icecream enjoy it before its melt

10:39 AM Mar 29 2008 |




Life is about to love or to be love by somebody…:)

01:51 PM Mar 29 2008 |




Everything happened for a reason. We received for all we’ve done in the past.:)

03:35 PM Mar 29 2008 |



As long as we live i think i thik everyone is constructing the sense of her/his life. Search for what will make tou happy, and learn every second from the people who interact with you

05:04 PM Mar 29 2008 |




hmmm…alright you've said that the chemistry of human is acting for reaching hapiness, But what do you think about submision of some kind of people…especially feeble…those people are acting against common senses of life…why could you explain the fact that you can manipulate people and do with them everything what you want?...

I think happiness is a little bit short emotion to construct his life only yearning it. 


08:51 PM Mar 29 2008 |




i think that in life the most important thing is to help others, to make them smile. the good back to u and u'll be happy. i think everyone have a mission to realize. and it doesn't matter how rich are u. it doesn't depend on colour of your skin etc. U must be good and God bless u :)

10:59 PM Mar 29 2008 |