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Why I don't want to join any religion...




My conscious doesn't allow me to join any of the religion because

1.Every relgion tells us to 'beleive'... no religion allow us to see with our own eyes.. stories are told how the universe was created,how the human was created .. all seems to be fitions just…

2.Every religion says that their scrptures are pure… they are as they were not corrupted… I feel that religion should be alive there should be provision to amend the religion… only alive things grow… any thing which don't grow is dead… & religion shouldn't be a dead thing…

3.We can interpret the scriptures as we like…scriptures don't say when we misinterpret any word.. so all depends upon interpreter…

4.Every religion says that his words are final revealation… many religions born after every final revealation…. I feel we can't predict future… there might be coming other Gods…other religions… how can we say that these are the final words..

5.Every religion tells us the way how to live life…. I feel every one has his own individuality & has the right to live his life as he likes…& every one lives according to his own ideas even after joining any of the religion… so religion becomes 'just a piece of decoration'... that's why there are so many problems… religion doesn't solve any problem… had religion the capacity to solve problems the problems would have been solved up to now… there are countries where people of only one religion lived… but there are differences too… so religion becomes just a piece of decoration….

6.Evry religion tells us to love & respect otheres… & every one on this earth has this or that religion but see the situation of our planet… justa land of haterednesss.. just groupism to fight with each other… If this is our religion we need to take care of us & we should keep away from the religions.. they are very dangerous…

7.We can't deny existence… It is full of mysteries… no science.. can explain …all explanations are just words of consolation… we can't express even the  taste of water .. which every human consumes every day… what to talk of other mysteries… I feel that… to be existential is the only religiousness… Live God… live existence… share with all… celebrate LIFE itself… celebrate living God.. share with alive humans… share with alive animals… be loving… be respectful to every individual… be kind to everyone… I feel this should be our religion… relgiouness is to followed not religions…..


02:04 AM Apr 03 2008 |

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lets go back to the beginning of religion in the west

1. judaism-the oldest, and the most private. it is technically a "family religion" as new members are rarely welcome, as least during the old days. and since is it rather secluded, i know very little about this religion other than rabbis and barmizva.

2. christianity

the daughter of judaism. jesus was a jew. nobody truly know what happened back then since there is limited primary documents on such. the bible was invented along with the religion,  hundreds of years after his death. the romans saw this as an opportunity for hegemony (controlling people by thought) to create social order. so then the bible was re-written and re-transliterated into something that helps the government to control its people (catholicism). until the renaissance and enlightenment era, science took over dogmatic beliefs and created a new world order. the religion still exists widely as the second largest (in population) religion, but there is much less influence now than before.

jesus originally started a community of this to bringabout peace and harmony between his people like all religions wanted. but things do get out of hand. 

a note of this goes to USA. as far as religions go, north americans are about as conservative as people can get.  people still learn "god created people" as the ONLY knowledge in schools even in a scientific world. although there is no COMPLETE set of proofs for the Darwinian "theory of evolution", but personally i think teaching both should do no harm on either side.

and what i hate is, those who go into this religion to become a "whiteman" and abandon their original culture. tis sickening.

3. islam 

a late comer, being only several hundred years old. the illiterate mohammed saw the god, Allah, and was provided with knowledge of Islam. the islamic "bible", the Qu'ran, was then written by mohammed himself.

allah was said to exists as the single god (monotheistic) and existed in all forms, at all spaces. of course, this religion was also one that was meant to bring peace for all its believers, but many terrorists exist within this religion for various reasons, such as being forced into wars and being disrespected based on religious beliefs.

overall, nobody wants to die, under normal circumstances. so peace is a common goal between all people. what truly gets in the way is "greed" in most cases.


there will be a more well-thought version of this later on. it's 2 am and i need to sleep. 

06:10 AM Apr 03 2008 |




wow thank you for clearing all that up friend…

02:27 PM Apr 03 2008 |




ok, now i feel really bad about the previous under-researched thread. i've heard of probably too many things and didnt really consider the validity of many of them (such as that usa thing). if possible, can a mod or admin delete the previous post?

02:54 PM Apr 03 2008 |




you are free !! but please try to understand religions..they are so valuable in our life..  I love my religion..also feel lucky myself

04:45 PM Apr 03 2008 |


United Kingdom

I am still experiencing the world, i have not made up my mind yet as to if i want to belive in God or just not bother with religion. I respect those who are devoted to a religion, and those atheists out there as both make valid points, what i dont get is why they consistantly argue. Its like both sides are trying to convert the other.

I also heard a good saying that 'every atheist no matter how stood in his ways, will with his dying breath pray to God as he is the only one who can help them now'

10:27 PM Apr 03 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Hi dear

If you think there is no god and creator for this existence you don't need the religion ..

and if you believe in god and creator this existence ,, do you think that genius and wise creator will leave the human beings whom ones from his creatures without guide (religion) ?

we need guide to answer questions that can't mind to answer them ,, for example : Why we here? Why we have been created?  Why this life not fair ? Is there life after death? ... and so on


good luck


01:46 AM Apr 04 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Hi devin..

i really want to help u am a muslim girl i found the happiness & all the answers for my questions in this Religion ..

i want to invite u to read muslims holy book" Quran "in this website


good luck..(:

04:59 AM Apr 05 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

also read this..


Can we find an explanation of the great universe? Is there any convincing interpretation of the secret of existence? We realize that no family can function properly without a responsible head, that no city can prosperously exist without sound administration, and that no state can survive without a leader of some kind. We also realize that nothing comes into being on its own. Moreover, we observe that the universe exists and functions in the most orderly manner, and that it has survived for hundreds of thousand of years. Can we then say that all this is accidental and haphazard? Can we attribute the existence of man and the whole world to mere chance.

Man represents only a very small portion of the great universe. And if he can make plans and appreciate the merits of planning, then his own existence and the survival of the universe must also be a planned policy. This means that there is an extraordinary power to bring things into being and keep them moving in order.

In the world then must be a great force in action to keep everything in order. In the beautiful nature there must be a Great creator who creates the most charming pieces of art produces every thing for a special purpose in life. The deeply enlightened people recognize this creator and call him Allah "God". He is not a man because no man can create or make another man. He is not an animal, nor he is a plant. He is neither an Idol nor is He a statue of any kind because non of these things can make itself or create anything else. He is different from all these things because he is the maker and keeper of them all. The maker of anything must be different from and greater than things which he makes.

There are various ways to know God "ALLAH'' and there are many things to tell about him. The great wonders and impressive marvels of the world are like open books in which we can read about God. Besides, God Himself comes to our aid through the many Messengers and revelations He has sent down to man. These Messengers and revelations tell us everything we need to know about God.

The complete acceptance of the teachings and guidance of God 'Allah' as revealed to His Messengers Muhammad is the religion of Islam. Islam enjoins faith in the oneness and sovereignty of Allah, which makes man aware of meaningfulness of the Universe and of his place in it. This belief frees him from all fears and superstitions by making him conscious of the presence of the Almighty Allah and of man's obligations towards Him. This faith must be expressed and tested in actions, faith alone is not enough. Belief in one God requires that we look upon all humanity as one family under the universal Omnipotence of God the Creator and Nourisher of all. Islam rejects the idea of chosen people, making belief in God and good actions the only way to heaven. Thus, a direct relationship in established with God, without any intercessor.

Islam is not a new religion. It is, in essence, the same message and guidance which Allah revealed to all Prophets. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, David, Moses and Jesus (PBUT). But the message which was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (PBUT) is Islam in its comprehensive, complete and final form.

The Quran is the last revealed word of Allah and the basic source of Islamic teachings and laws. The Quran deals with the basis of creeds, morality, history of humanity, worship, knowledge, wisdom, God-man relationship, and human relationship in all aspects. Comprehensive teaching on which, can be built sound systems of social justice, economics, politics, legislation, jurisprudence, law and international relations, are important contents of the Quran. Hadith, the teachings, sayings and actions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUT), meticulously reported and collected by his devoted companions. Explained and elaborated the Quranic verses.


The true faithful Muslim believes in the following Principal articles of faith:-

  1. He believes in One God 'Allah', Supreme and Eternal, Infinite and Mighty, Merciful and Compassionate, Creator and Provider.
  2. He believes in all Messengers of God without any discrimination among them. Every known nation had a warner or Messenger from God. They were chosen by God to teach mankind and deliver His divine message. The Quran mentions the name of twenty five of them. Among them Mohammad stands as the last Messenger and the crowning glory of the foundation of Prophethood.
  3. Muslin believes in all scriptures and revelations of God. They were the guiding light which the Messengers received to show their respected peoples the Right Path of God. In the Quran a special reference is made to the books of Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus. But long before the revelations has been lost or corrupted. The only authentic and complete book of God in existence in the Quran.
  4. The true Muslim believes in the Angels of Allah. They are purely spiritual and splendid beings whose nature requires on food, drink or sleep. They spend their days and nights in the worship of God.
  5. Muslim believes in the last Day of Judgement. This world will come to an end someday, and the dead will rise to stand for their final and fair trial. People with good records will be generously, rewarded and warmly welcomed to the Heaven of Allah, and those with bad records will be punished and cast into Hell.
  6. Muslim believes in the timeless knowledge of God and His power to plan and execute His planes and nothing could happen in His Kingdom against His will. His knowledge and power are in action at all times and command over His creation. He is wise and merciful, and whatever He does must have a meaningful purpose. If this is established in our mind and hearts, we should accept with good faith all that He does, although we may fail to under stand it fully, or think it is bad.


Faith without actions arid practice is a dead end, as far as Islam is concerned. Faith by nature is very sensitive and can be most effective. When it is not out of practice or out of use, it quickly loses its liveliness and motivation power.

There are five pillars of Islam:

  1. The declaration of faith: To bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Mohammad (PBUH) is His Messenger to all human beings till the Day of Judgment. The Prophethood of Mohammad obliges the Muslims to follow, His exemplary life as a model.
  2. Prayers: Daily, prayers are offered five times a day as a duty towards Allah. They strengthen and enliven the belief in Allah and inspire man to a higher morality. They purify the heart and prevent temptation towards wrong – doings and evil.
  3. Fasting the month of Ramadan. The Muslims during the month of Ramadan not only abstain from food, drink and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset but also sincerity and devotion. It develops a sound social conscience, patience, unselfishness and will – Power.
  4. Zakkah: The literal and simple meaning of Zakkah is purity. The technical meaning of this word designates the annual amount in kind or coin which a Muslim with means must distribute among the rightful beneficiaries. But the religious and spiritual significance of Zakkah is much deeper and more lively. So it has humanitarian and sociopolitical values.
  5. Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah): It is to be performed once in a lifetime, if one can afford it financially and physically

05:02 AM Apr 05 2008 |



United States

Forget about "relgion" dear, study spelling and grammar, it's much more useful

09:30 AM Apr 05 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thanx this is obvious mistake..Embarassed

11:29 AM Apr 05 2008 |