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Life Talk!

someone help pleas i want lose some weight



South Korea

put your diet here please

12:30 PM Apr 03 2008 |

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Eat when ytou feel hungry and keep your mouth shut when you don't.

That is a basic rule. 


12:37 PM Apr 03 2008 |



that's what i wanna do.but the delicious food attract me a lot…but i failed.

i think the most important thing is that we should have the strong will….

hope you can achieve your goal

good luck!

12:38 PM Apr 03 2008 |



i want to lose too but i cant

01:30 PM Apr 03 2008 |




hmm control the quantity… n eat what u feel good for health n that can give u energy….

woman have a lot of food cravings xpecially when pms(u should know that) but as a woman we sacrifice everything to look goodLaughing i mean leave all bad food if u really want to lose ur weight

lol but i prefer to eat twice a day Undecided

01:54 PM Apr 03 2008 |




thanx for that 

hahah i almost forgot about xcercise:P

hmm also in lifetime.com it's a website for woman

n there's a lot of tips to lose those stubborn fats in just for a few days

or also to have a flat tummy in just a few days 



02:13 PM Apr 03 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

yeah, as it was said , don't eat but when you are hungry "not as feel hungry" and when you was eating don't have a complete full .you must have only 1/3 of stomach for eat, you must take off 1/3 of stomach for your drink and 1/3 for your breath . when you wake up in the morning eat some dates from 7-11 and drink alot of water and be fast ,but water for washing the metabolism, between that it may take some of tea or coffee without sugger of course upto afternoon. then you take some cold milk which has littel acidic PH and following drink water ,you must have some time between them to digestion of milk's protein has a take place very well by enzym and may have some tea or coffee to sunset, without sugger . and after sunset you may take any thing you want but as 1/3 only, don't forget that . and make some active exercise after 1-2 hour at least to completing digestion of meal before the exercise . after exercise don't drink water until you take rest as 1/2 hour . before you sleep you must make some exercise to decrease the amount of Calories wich stored at night  and make sure that your excretion abdominal organs as empty by enter bathroom and take warm bath to have potential energy for the next day . make 1-2 days at the most from middle of week to have a fast from any thing even water from the sunrise to sunset but you must have some hot milk with littel alkalin ph and take 1/2 hour to drink some water and take rest upto Brightness, then drik alot of water before you start the fast . make it for month and take look the results .

02:56 PM Apr 03 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

and I forgot I said to you take a deep breaths as Frequently as You Remmber, it helps to burn the food and which has burned from it hasn't storaged in body any more .

03:16 PM Apr 03 2008 |




study exams..study exams..:))

I have lost 3 kilos for 15 days because of study my exams, through, I liked my kilos.. :(( 

I was at 48 kilos but now i'm 45..

03:59 PM Apr 03 2008 |






i will do it as u said :D 

04:00 PM Apr 03 2008 |


United Kingdom

Best advice is not to 'diet' too much but to exerscise more, its as qiqi2550 says, just eat untill you feel full, but try to get more exerscise, i used to weigh 18 stone! but i just went out jogging and to the gym, and i lost it all now i can bench-press 250lbs!

Plus i dont understand why you are trying lose weight, if you look like you are in your photo then you dont need to.

10:34 PM Apr 03 2008 |