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Life Talk!

Have u ever read an "awesome" story??



Viet Nam

I read a story, feel good then like it,love it so much^^......why??i feel the sweety of life through that story….i find out when sth becomes terrible,it means u have to stand up and see: there is a light way to go,to touch…....i study how to behave to others from that story in a friendly way,...feel so happy and ….cant describle…........i can see,can feel, can get,can know what love can do….even when u r in the dark….whatever

U know?? i really like that story…have u ever read an awesome story like that??that good??....let me know and we can share…....

06:09 AM Apr 05 2008 |

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Viet Nam

oh,Kim Chi sis, it is not my story,=)mine is "New York love stories"—chuyen tinh New York ,u know??it is awesome,...like urs hahaha …i like it so much….but it is my first time to hear ur story ,Kim Chi….i'm planning to buy a story…hahah love story maybe and it is in english

ur story ,is it in english??can u tell me sth abt it??cool??i want to try to read it ^^

12:55 PM Apr 06 2008 |