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what girls like in boys and what boys in girls




let`s discuss this,


09:15 PM Apr 05 2008 |

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For me .. I prefer boys with sense of responsibility..but..As everyone knows..to choose a girl or boy. frist. you will consider whether she or he prtty or handsome.

05:24 AM Apr 06 2008 |




girl with good charecter, and beautiful eyes

02:05 PM Apr 06 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

i guess his look( i dont mean by that his style , but the way he looks at someone).. got it?Tongue out

11:52 AM Apr 07 2008 |




That's a difficult question. I don't think you could definite attraction. But I prefer a boy with a good sense of humor, social qualities and who isn't afraid for a challenge.

12:49 PM Apr 07 2008 |




I pferefer a boy being smart, with a good sense of humour, ambitious to some extend or career-oriented I would say. Appearance is not the priority for choosing a boy, as for me. The main is to find a common language and build strong relationships.


02:43 PM Apr 07 2008 |




i like girls who have personality, with a good sense of humor… i prefer a small girls whit curves! ja

02:46 PM Apr 07 2008 |

abdou 123

abdou 123


i am a man …. so girls for me is the half of my life .. i mean u have to get a girl to build up a family .. the girl that i want her to spend of her life with me is ...

smart .. caring .. loving .. good morl .. educational .. to be the first in her life .. not sooooo beutiful .. just cute ..

oh !! do not u see that we men look for emotions and u girls look for what is in the men head … hahahah if u do not see i sugest that u look harder

good like in ur lifes …....... 

08:42 AM Apr 10 2008 |


Cape Verde

for me fist of all I use to look at the phisical aspect but it´s not all, that´s just use to be the first condiction to get close, but for me the most important is the way she interact witht he society, I mean is she´s swety , nice, smart, romantica, I completely lost for a nice woman (nice not os phisical aspect, I´m not saying I don´t consider the phisical, because the attractions also counts a lot)

10:26 AM Apr 10 2008 |




ok my perfect boy :D

first of all nobody is perfect:P

but i like boys with sense of humor,nice,talkative,boys who has his own opinion,who has deep soul,not selfish and egoistic.boy who cary himself,bouy who are in total control of his conduct.

i think that boy like every person needs to be fair weather,fair,sweet,lovely,cuddlesome,endearning,readily,laid back and patient enough to deal with me..loyal…and good stuff like that.

he needs to have social qualities,sense of responsibility

06:36 PM Apr 10 2008 |



I have to admire the person in order to fall in love. There´s no need to be as a model, but being positive and happy makes me fall in her net, hahaha!

01:27 AM Jun 09 2008 |