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Why is it better to love than be loved?




I think it is a little bit surer.Or what do you mean?

09:50 AM Apr 07 2008 |

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Thet Aung


what is your opinion that it it better to love ?

12:22 PM Jul 15 2008 |

Thet Aung


do you think some thime to be love will make you tired ? why ?

12:28 PM Jul 15 2008 |

Thet Aung


i would like to say to be loved is really hurt

01:27 PM Jul 15 2008 |




 i think sometime we need love someone, in the opposite

sometime we need someone to love us. so i will choose

the  both…

04:51 PM Jul 15 2008 |



 in my opinin to love is the decision that you can  choose,but to be loved  is not. Thouth to be loved will make us happy because of the appreciations from others,if you do not know how to refuse he or her ,this kind of love will be your burden.

03:10 AM Jul 28 2008 |




Dear all,

to love some is is in our han, but to be loved is not in our hand. They are lukkckest person to whoom some one love. but its not like that if u will love any one because nobody loves u truely.

i loved one girl very much but after some time i realised that she was not loving me that much ( or may be not). it hurts me lot. i was ready to die for her one smile or her one happy moment but she can't understand that. i think in this world when someone love another one more then his life , its always happen that girl think he is crazy. Girls always west her life to love bed boys who doesen't love her. i have exprenced that. Why girls are doing this i can't understand. but my only request to them at least respect the person who loves you more than his life.

And friends give love to your dear one as much as u can because its best thing u can ever give.

06:14 AM Aug 19 2008 |




The man who is loved,like a beggar,gets the love but he needn't to pay out anything.Who want to become a beggar?Laughing

08:11 AM Aug 19 2008 |



I think it is difficult to give a correct answer which could satisfy you, my friend.

08:40 AM Aug 19 2008 |




because love is the best feeling in the world. when your in love, the whole world seems brighter and better, life has a whole new meaning and purpose. Even on days that the love makes you upset and you cry, atleast there is a spark of passion lighting your life. Life seems colorless in comparison before you first experience being in love. 

12:16 AM Jun 11 2012 |



I completely disagree. Ok, the best is both, of course, but, in a selfish way of thinking, better to be loved, is more difficult to get hurt.

06:45 PM Jun 11 2012 |