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Life Talk!

sometimes not that easy to make a big decision~



Hello,all! I am new here.

Well, in fact , i've just graduated July this year.and now i am working for a Tanwan based company(a B2B platform-an online trade directory and marketplace which connects international buyers and suppliers:www.asianproducts) as independent network sales. what i have to do now is to contact with the decisionmakers of exporters or traders or manufacturers. i guess many of you here know it.

yes,it is really intereting for me (a graduate) at first . why i chose to stay here at the beginning?That is to gain social experience,make more friends and learn more economic knowledge(i mean pratical experience which i couldn't learn from school life)

Gradually,I began to find that the job here is not suitable for my lasting development, why?not only my own character leads to,but also for some problem of my company (hard to say,i can't say my company is not good,there is no perfect company in the world, I can say.)  In addition, my family (my parents and uncle,etc ),they don't agree on my staying here.they hope that i can have a steady job especially for a lady.maybe they think that i can't get what i should get no matter how hard i work.

Well,sales are bound to get  unsteady salaries( poor this month and maybe rich next month),we can say they depend on trying their luck to some degree.

:)I have been dreaming of one day that i can support my family economically(not a rich family,but a sweet one perhaps,with 2 brothers still studying at school now).how can this dream come true? I don't mean that i am not capable for this job but for some other reason(hard to say,perhaps someone knows) I mean i can't stay longer if this situation continues or i keep this thought and i can't do well even though i keep staying.

Therefore, i wanna change another company or another job fit for me.a big foreign company? being a trading person? I have to consider some factors that i can't deny:(a lot of things happen to us unexpectedly,pity is that we can't handle all of them)first-my own development of course;second-remuneration,i don't mean i like money,in fact, i treat it casually,but i have to make allowances for my family;third-company profile;....but for a graduate,where to go?

so it still remains a troublemaker for me:(  but fortunately  i am still confident in myself:)

would you please give me some of your precious advice?

Thank you! in advance~  :)



03:08 PM Nov 20 2006 |

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First, welcome Gracehuihui :) Then, I would really like to ask the silly question: why are 7/8ths of the text crossed out???...

My dear, it seems very clear to me that this is not The job for you. You are just not fit for each other :) let's say. This sort of things happens. You are not your best self in it. Some wiser persons would probably say… this is not bad for a first job… or even: it's not easy to find a job those days; stick to that one, clench your teeth and work!

But to me, a human being needs favourable conditions to express his whole potential. If you don't… vibrate with your environment then you have to move, this is my theory. You're wasting your time here. Your qualities could benefit another firm or employer and your current boss could maybe find the person your function really needs. This is not where you belong, nothing dramatic in that. You're very young :) You've got time.

What I would suggest is: try to take some time on your own, find a quiet place where you feel good, and think. Ask yourself what you love in life, what you would like to do with it (don't think in terms of job; just what you'd like to do - sometimes you also discover you've made the "wrong" studies you know?…), what are your qualities, your flaws, what would be great to be doing every day – and be paid for that!! wow!! :) – that kind of questions . Maybe write down what comes to your mind. Then if you don't have a definite carrier plan, there are many websites that can help you – orientation and stuff.

But!!! Don't let anybody, mostly those around you, who love you, but who don't exactly see you as you really are inside, maybe, influence your reflexion. It's you and only you this time.
Don't ever let anybody depreciate you; please be sure of your worth. I know -
easier said than done… I also know it is very difficult not to be (somehow) influenced by the ones around us, but making you lose confidence in yourself isn't helping you, and it's not what I'd call the best proof of love either…
Don't let anybody say you can't get what you want no matter how hard you work, either, because that's not true. You can. If you put all your might in one direction, your direction, then you'll succeed. Never doubt that. You have, we all have, the Power to Achieve :) The hardest part is to find it… and to keep it through times of trouble, sometimes. Just trust yourself. You seem to be a very good person, who thinks with her heart, but knows how to think with her brain too (and in my book, this is called "intelligence").
Try to keep in touch with your inner self; listen to what it has to say. You can't really find any reason why you'd like to quit that job, because it's your instinct speaking; something deep down tells you it is not right. Listen to it. You are your best guide, and your best friend too.

That's silly to say but when you've got a job you enjoy, you put your heart in it, work better, and feel better in your daily life too. Finding the right job for you will help you become your full, blooming self. I am not saying the next one will be the best, the last and only one :) maybe, maybe not. You will evolve and your needs too. But be absolutely sure that the job you feel good in, for which you give the best of you, will allow your dreams to come true. Because it will be your path; do you see what I mean? When they see you happy, your family can only say: "ah! we were right in telling you not to stay there! Look how good you feel now!!" :) Let them believe they had a part in that :) because you know the decision was only yours, and this is why you feel so good – and are paid fairly, according to the work you make, no less, no more.

You need to stand by yourself now, ask yourself what you really want, and go for it. When you know, start looking for another job. You'll quit that one when you've found something else, with due respect to the contract you've signed with them of course. :P

I hope I could help and wish you good luck.



01:00 PM Nov 21 2006 |




hey!! why was I censored too??? Yell

01:01 PM Nov 21 2006 |



Thank Yunie75 so much! :)

yes,it is much helpful for me. if i put my mind in one direction, i will succeed.and you are right,ask myself what i really want. in fact,i haven't got a clear plan for my career life.  and i have to now.

from what you say,i can find that you are smart,knowledgable and warmhearted. and you are a writer?excellent.nice to get to know you here. 


01:24 PM Nov 21 2006 |



yeah,so strange. annoying lines!
perhaps we have written a lot,the system is not pleased with it.
anyway,i am really really happy to see your many words here.

01:27 PM Nov 21 2006 |



but to me, there is still one strange thing here.why i can't find your information?

your nickname is written in black not blue~it cannot be tapped into

01:36 PM Nov 21 2006 |




Thanks for your kind words :) I'm really glad I could help you. As for my profile, I hadn't created it yet Embarassed. You can check it now I guess :)

02:29 PM Nov 21 2006 |



well,i've read your profile. very nice,you are literature translater:)

i also like sleeping,English….a lot in common with you,i guess.  excited to know you. and you are really a smart lady.

so would you please add me as your friend?


12:42 PM Nov 22 2006 |




I have :)

Hope to see you in the chat sometimes…

04:23 PM Nov 22 2006 |