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Do you like fast drives?





In my life i have got only two cars (I'm saving money for a Ferrari Testarossa) .I have got a Citroen 2CV and a Renault Megane…the first was very old.It's the car of the sister in movies of Louis De fines…with this car i reached 140km/h and it was very amazing…doors were clapping,the car was trembling and seemed like he would lost parts…it's in that time i got aware that i'm speed maniac…so i have bought a Renault Megane, it was not like the old one…but when i reached 210 km/h with it i've nearly got the feeling that i've got with citroen 2CV…

So do you think i'm mad?...i don't know what to buy to drive faster and which doesn't consume a lot of petrol? What car do you like? What one have you already driven?.. Do you have driven something very fast?

09:18 AM Apr 18 2008 |

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I cann't drive. hoho, because i have no feeling of directions.Smile

if i drive a car, it would be very dangerous to me and other people.

09:36 AM Apr 18 2008 |




I like Japan product. Like Toyota, Honda,etc. But I also like Ferarri..uhg..if only I have 1..I will drive it very fast..feel like Michael Schumacher…

09:51 AM Apr 18 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


maybe you can go with Smart but I seriously thought it's not the car for you though it's eco friendly..Smart car is a car for a hobit like me..

No, I never drive cars before..I even need some help to jump in to the front seat of a Chevy truck. but I have a nice big motorbike and I'm a speed demon when I ride my motorbike.


11:13 AM Apr 18 2008 |