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United States

          By psychological standards, you can be a grown-up at 20 or a child at 50. It depends in your attitudes. Experts list the characteristics of maturity roughly as: independence, patience, creativity, articulateness and the ability to put yourself in the other fellow's shoes. 


1. Would you ever, by chance, spend an evening alone? Yes or No 

2. The speaker asks for questions from the audiences. Do you hesitate for fear you'll phrase your questions badly? Yes or No 

3. If you have to ask your mate if he or she loves you, something wrong with your relationship? True or False

4. Who breaks off love affairs more frequently? Men or Women? 

5. Are people afraid of falling in love? Yes or No? 

6. Can you be in love with two people at the same time? Yes or No? 

7. Who copes better with loneliness or the absence of love? Men or Women? 

8. Commitment is essential to a good love relationship? True or False? 

9. Jealousy is more likely to be a sign of:               a) love                b) insecurity      c) competitiveness 

10. What is the main source of knowledge about love and sexual matter for youngsters growing up today? a) mother    b)father       c)reading    d)friends

02:47 AM Apr 23 2008 |

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is that kind of questionnaire ?..what the answer for each question..?

05:49 AM Apr 23 2008 |



United States

try to answer it before u ask the answers….pls

01:42 PM Apr 23 2008 |




1. Yes  2. No  3. Yes  4. Women  5. Yes  6. Yes  7. Women

8. False  9. Insecurity  10. D

I am looking forward to your early reply.Smile

01:46 PM Apr 23 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

your questions are not realted to the issue

what does maturity got to do with those kind of questions????????Tongue out

04:59 PM Apr 23 2008 |




1. Yes 2. Yes. 3. – 4. Women 5. No 6. Yes.7. Women 8. True    9. c  10. c

01:47 AM Apr 25 2008 |

didi da'great


i really like this type of question. tell me what is my level then

1. yes

2. no

3. true

4. men

5. yes

6. no

7. women

8. true

9. c

10. c

**im waiting for ur reply. really need

04:25 AM Apr 25 2008 |



United States

Experts list the characteristics of maturity roughly as: INDEPENDENCE, a sense of obligation to the human race, persistence, flecibility, patience, creativity, articulateness and the ability to put yourself in the other fellow's shoes.

So, credit yourself with two points for every ODD-numbered question you've answered YES and two points for every EVEN-numbered question you've answered NO.

If you get a score of 24 or above, you are psychologically mature beyond the average. If you total between 16 and 22, your attitude is ADULT in more situations than not. If your score is below 16, take comfort in the fact that you have lots of company.

08:14 AM May 21 2008 |



United States

..anyway, since the total number of questions here is not enough for 24 score, u can lower the rate scale based on the standard.

tell me how u work out about maturity in all aspect in your life…


08:16 AM May 21 2008 |




don't understand your test,but i do know iam 1 year old and still need a nanny to feed me ,....Tongue out

11:27 AM May 21 2008 |



I don´t understand how to get my score, because there´s not only yes/no answers. Number 3 is True/False, 7 Women / Men and in 9 and 10 you have to choose between many options.

05:08 PM May 21 2008 |