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What would you ask a Pakistani about her life ?




The thing is ,tomorrow we  get a visitation from a pakistani in our school.She already live since 4 years in germany and she come's tomorrow to ask our questions about her life in Pakistan and Germany.The point is that I don't have prepared any question for her.Please help me to find some questons.Maybe I can tell you the answers tomorrow evening!  thx

07:13 PM Apr 23 2008 |

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Grecko, just try to imagine you are meeting this girl the first time in a social situation like at a cafe or something. What would you ask anyone to get to know them better?


Ask about daily life in Pakistan, and in her home town. Ask about what is different, what she thought when she first came to Germany, what she misses from her home, or what she will want to take back from Germany.


Ask about the friends she has made here, what she will tell her friends in Pakistan about Germany, what cities or places she has visited.

07:17 PM Apr 23 2008 |




Ok ,thx for the answers,but I forgot to say that i have some background information about her.She is a political refugee because her husband was a member of a party which is unwanted in pakistan!In Pakistan ,she was a teacher and she speaks English very well!

So that's the information I got about her!

07:31 PM Apr 23 2008 |



Most people love to talk about themselves or their homes and families, so any questions about that will probably work. If she is comfortable talking about it you could ask about the reasons she became a political refugee. 

07:47 PM Apr 23 2008 |




yaeh,I think that will work^^

thank you gkisseberth

08:28 PM Apr 23 2008 |



How do you cope with your home culture and local culture?

How do you blend in to German society without loosing your identity… if that is what you are really looking for?

What do your parents say about German culture and possible changes you bring home?


Hope this works for you Grecko!


Proud Student of Open English 

08:59 PM Apr 23 2008 |