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Visa for China



United States

I was wondering if anyone here had information/experience with teaching English in China, particularly the process for getting the work visa. Is it difficult? I was hoping to get to China by July but I am wondering if that is enough time to process the paperwork.

01:38 AM Apr 24 2008 |

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I have applied work visa for my uncle, it's not so difficulte..

Do you have company to reiceive you in China? if not, I suggest you to apply for a travel visa first. after you arrive in China, you can find a company, let them do it for you.

01:54 AM Apr 24 2008 |




Are you going to teach English?  

It is true native speakers are welcome in every city. But in many major cities such as  Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin,it will be easier for you to get a good,high-salary job if you get a TEFL/TESOL/TESL.

But don't worry excessively about it, theoretically, you are required to get a certification, but I know some native speakers are doing not bad without those.

03:24 AM Apr 24 2008 |



I think it's wondeful ,If you want to teach english in china .  you can make lots of friends and  they can give you lots of pleasure .

03:33 AM Apr 24 2008 |




That's is actually one of my dreams… to go to China and teach english. Once I learn a lot.

Good luck finding that visa. Please answer well cause i'll also need that info!


Proud Student of Open English 

04:19 AM Apr 24 2008 |



United States

I have a Bachelor's degree, and a CELTA certificate. I've taught for two years in South Korea, one year in a private academy and one year in a public school.

I'm not so concerned about money, what I'd really like to do is learn Mandarin, so I hope to be in the North. I was thinking maybe Harbin?

I hear that it is quite hard to get jobs in Beijing now because of the Olympics!


04:51 AM Apr 24 2008 |



Hello,aljensen, Harbin is located in the east-north of China. it is very cold in the winter. if I were you, I prefer to Beijing, Xi'an, or other central places of China. Best wishes! Chineses are always weclome and friendly to those kind people.

06:47 AM Apr 24 2008 |