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Life Talk!

yuebaili ,you should know more about Taiwan




    After reading your response,I found that you didn't pay attention to what I had said.
The foolish whom I mentioned to is the majority of a group.Didn't I make it clear ? Or you are just
wrong my meaning again,just like the way that DPP used to do ?

    Dictatorship is only a short period of time in Taiwan which is necessary for the people to
learn,to accept what and how to use the people's rights in the future.It was over long time

    I'm only one person.You may have the reason questioning my status in behave of Taiwanese.
But it's simply good enough to show youself how much little you know about the recent condition
of Taiwan.

    I was not in behave of all the Taiwanese.I'm a part of them.What I said to you the majority
is coming from the result of recent two elections in Taiwan.Isn't it the so-called "public
opinion"what you,westerner ,put emphasis on democracy everyday ?

    7 millions to 5 millions votes,what a miracle it is in Taiwan,this small island !It's
almost two times the votes of DPP.Isn't it enough to express everything to this crazy world ?
Taiwanese don't care for who he is and where he came from anymore.What they want is only
a good guy. Listen to me !All my countrymen the world over,we are united first.
The foolish but honest and cute Taiwanese finally made it.To be a Taiwanese,I am very proud
of it.

    DPP is still alive there,of couse.Taiwanese learned democracy very quick than westerner
had expected before.We knew our rights long time ago.Further more,we have learned how to control
all the  political parties recently.

   There will be a day for the foolish,even the idiot,to become clever. Do you know a commissioner
of Lawmaking Yuan jumping to the sea ,pushed by the people to keep his word of election ?
Thanks the lessons given by DPP,we have learned enough to be more clever than before.
Taiwanese trust no political parties anymore but themselves.

   We keep DPP alive,and give them a chance to carefully think over what they have done to
people these few years,and wait for the next opportunity to come.This way will push
government working hard for the people.

    If the new government won't do what the people want.Just try it !Just turn around to see
what have happened to the DPP.The people shall let them to have it again.

    Didn't you count the total commissioners of DPP left in Lawmaking Yuan this time?
DPP is nearly dead there.What do you feel about the punishment to DPP?
Dear yuebaili,I suppose you really need to know more about us.

02:11 PM Apr 25 2008 |

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   I am terribly sorry to get you into this mess.You are innocent,have done nothing wrong,shouldn't be blame for it.

   Who knows what the all about is in China ?Mainland China don't take Taiwan as China,and Taiwan don't take mainland China as China either.So, at this moment none of us have
the right to stand for China.

   Nobody could get you wrong for knowing nothing about this lousy trouble of us. xiaoxiao1219,she really take it too far now.We shouldn't treat  a friend in this way.

   As to hands_1411,I can't help but saying where your manner is ?The topic "yuebaili,you should know more about Taiwan" on the column is made very clearly by me.
What will be discussing here is something about Taiwan.
You like it,you may get in. If don't,you may leave.Is there anybody stop you from leaving ?What's wrong with us ?

  yuebaili knows Mandarin,but you can't .You are the right one who should move to other place.

What a unreasonable and bastard you are !

05:49 AM Apr 28 2008 |



South Korea

Let me say(having third-view status)

I don't know if if is right.

However, I've known that Taiwan was a part of China, but now Taiwan tries to show others that Taiwan is one of the countries. Surely China wouldn't admit it.

In history class, I've learned that two countries have different position. It's apparent.

06:44 AM Apr 28 2008 |



They will be given the right to decide the future, not now. We will study a lesson from what England solved the problem of Ireland.

Don't worry.

Whether we are narrow-minded, I don't know. But you are pig-headed for sure. I read what you wrote and what other chinese wrote here. You were criticizing and rebuting everybody who disagreed you and call them nationalists, small-minded. Your performance here isn't bad.You destory the beautiful image of your country in my mind. 

Chinese "nationalists" will thank you a lot. Keep trying.


08:19 AM Apr 28 2008 |







09:22 AM Apr 28 2008 |



Viet Nam

@ fathma:Friend ! Don't be so agressive ! I only questioned your continuous conversation which was in Chinese and seemed to be nonsense to anyone taking notice but helplessly felt unknown to your Chinese (or Taiwan). If you still remember this is an English forum, I think you shouldn't be so annoyed with my suggestion translating into English. I didn't say I tended to intervene into your issues, but only remind you the "public" charasteristic of forum.

But now it looks ok, just keep debating, no hard feelings at all ! :)

12:57 PM Apr 28 2008 |




   As a part of this small world,you surely have the right to concern in what's happened in this world.It goes without saying that Vietnam neighbors with China .

   I originally intended to write it in English.I knew that to write in Mandarin is not suitable for the foreigners here too.But I really have reason to do it in such a hurry for realizing that there are few chance for Taiwanese to express their opinion in their heart.

   For being a part of Chinese,I should save honor of us for something I mentioned in it.and I  really got to hold on this chance to make a public statement for Taiwanese  to
all the Chinese who probably may see it by chance.The time is too short for me to translate.
   This time is quite different.I hope this explanation could have your understanding.

10:21 AM Apr 29 2008 |



I'm so sorry AngelSmile, so sorry for make you feel bad. Maybe the word 'polite' has a little difference meaning between us, when I say some one 'not polite' is not to say someone is impolite but just a expression to say 'hey don't say so'. I hope you understand what I mean. Sorry again.

12:18 PM Apr 29 2008 |



LittleBoat, I think you should notice what you said, it's really a sensitive topic and what you said is really hurt peopel who love peace. I want to ask you 'will you forget your parents when you get rich or famous? - forget who give you birth and life? What you said it's just give me one image--

12:23 PM Apr 29 2008 |





Great ! I'm on your side.

   What her mean is that she has nothing to do with her parents anymore after the changing at present in Taiwan. then, if Taiwan changed again in the future,she will become the child of other parents again.

01:26 PM Apr 29 2008 |





05:23 AM Apr 30 2008 |